Keep your cat happy

Keep your cat happy

Keep your cat safe

Cat experts recommend keeping your cat on your property so that it stays safe and healthy. Cats are domesticated animals that can happily live indoors for their whole life. Cats that stay indoors live longer, healthier lives. 

If you prefer to let your cat roam free, remember it must be microchipped and registered.  We recommend that cats allowed to roam freely should wear a collar and tag in addition to being microchipped. We also suggest that you confine free-roaming cats indoors at night.

Free-roaming cats face risks to their safety and wellbeing, such as unfriendly dogs, speeding cars and cruel people. They often get hurt fighting with other cats and they also hunt or harm local wildlife. Roaming cats are more likely to catch infectious diseases and spread parasites such as intestinal worms and fleas. They may also cause neighbourhood disputes. Keep in mind that not all citizens appreciate feline visitors on their property.

If you want your cat to enjoy some safe outdoor time, consider cat-proofing your yard. You can do-it-yourself by following instructions from Victoria's Department of Primary Industries, or visit the websites listed below for other options.

It is especially important to desex free-roaming cats. Undesexed cats are responsible for thousands of unwanted litters every year. 

Cat owner education workshops

The City, in collaboration with Inner City Strays, Community Cat Carers and the Cat Protection Society will host a cat owner education workshop.

The workshop will be offered to eligible local residents who are pension/concession card holders and will focus on the importance of keeping cats indoors, microchipping, using collars, desexing and registration. It will also educate people about the repercussions of moving away and abandoning their cats and what to do if there are any known abandoned cats in the area.

Each cat owner who registers and attends the workshop will be eligible to have their cat desexed and microchipped for $25 through the Cat Protection Society as part of the feral cat management program. The workshop will be limited to 25 people at a time.

To register your interest in attending a workshop, please email

The workshop has been funded by the NSW Office of Local Government and the City. 


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Last updated: Friday, 20 November 2015