Register your pet

Register your pet


If you sell your pet to a new owner or if your cat or dog passes away, you must contact City of Sydney to update your registration details.

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Registration keeps pets safe

All cats and dogs must be registered before they are 6 months old. If your pet goes astray, the pound or vet can use your pet's microchip and registration details to contact you and quickly reunite you with your pet.

Registration is cheaper if your pet is already desexed.

How to register

  • Make sure your pet is already microchipped and that you have received your certificate of identification. (If you have not yet submitted your microchipping paperwork – the permanent ID form – and received your certificate of identification you can do this at the same time as your registration.)
  • Complete a lifetime registration form.
  • Send the lifetime registration form and your pet's certificate of identification to us. 

If applicable (see definition list below), there are other forms you can also submit to gain discounts:

  • a desexing certificate (if your pet has been desexed) will make your registration cheaper
  • pensioner concession card
  • proof of assistance animal status
  • proof of breeder status.
Pensioner concession card
Eligible pensioner concession cards: aged, disability, service, widow, carers or supporting parent
Proof of assistance animal status
This must be from a recognised training body, for example Guide Dogs Australia: 
  1. a signed statement or documentation that the animal has been desexed
  2. a signed statement from the training body or owner that the animal is being used for that purpose.
Proof of breeder status
Registered breeders are entitled to $51 registration for each pet: 
  1. a breeder's card from either Dogs NSW, Waratah Cat Alliance, NSW Cat Fanciers Association
  2. documentation verifying the cat or dog is of a breed accepted by the recognised breeder body
  3. a signed statement by the member that the cat or dog is to be kept for breeding purposes.

Send in your forms 

You can submit your documents in one of two ways:

  • go to your nearest Neighbourhood Service Centre
  • post the documents (a photocopy only of the certificates) with a cheque/money order made payable to the City of Sydney Council:

City of Sydney
Pet Registration Officer
GPO Box 1591
Sydney NSW 2001

If you have any questions email Your registration details will be recorded on the NSW Companion Animals Register.

You will receive your certificate of registration once your cat or dog is registered. 

The registration fee is a once-only payment and covers lifetime registration in NSW, even if pet ownership changes.

Please note 

You must be over 18 years old to register a pet. A parent or guardian can register cats and dogs on behalf of children and teenagers under 18.

If your address or ownership changes, you need to change your pet registration

If you are moving to NSW with your pet, you need to change your pet registration.

When dogs or cats are in a public place they must wear an identification disc on their collar that is engraved with their name and their owner's contact number.

We recommend all cats that are allowed to roam should wear a collar and tag. All cats must, by law, be microchipped.

Category Cost What to bring
Desexed animal

Standard fee: $51

Pensioner concession:

  • must be City resident
  • first pet is free
  • each additional pet $5
  • lifetime registration form
  • microchip identification
  • proof of desexing
  • pensioner concession card (if applicable) 
Non-desexed animal

Standard fee: $188

Pensioner concession:

  • must be City resident
  • first pet is free
  • each additional pet $10
  • lifetime registration form
  • microchip identification
  • pensioner concession card (if applicable) 
Assistance dogs Free
  • lifetime registration form
  • microchip identification
  • proof of assistance animal status 

Restricted breeds and dangerous dogs

Some breeds are restricted under NSW law and these breeds can no longer be sold or given away in NSW. It is illegal to accept ownership of such a dog. If you own a restricted breed you must register the dog with the City. Read more about restricted breeds and dangerous dogs

Fines for unregistered pets 

If you do not register a pet aged 6 months or older you can be fined $275 on-the-spot. If own a dangerous, menacing or restricted breed of dog and don't register it before it is 6 months old you face a $1,320 fine. The maximum penalty for not registering animals is $5,500. For not registering dangerous, restricted and menacing dogs, it is $6,600. Read more information about fines

Pocket pets

Pets come in all shapes and sizes and many of our residents keep rats, ferrets, rabbits, guinea pigs and other pocket-sized pets. 
See the NSW RSPCA website for information on caring for pocket pets.


We do not endorse keeping snakes or other native Australian wildlife as pets.

The RSPCA notes that these animals rarely enjoy human company and require specialised housing and feeding.

In NSW, you must have a licence to keep a reptile

Last updated: Friday, 17 October 2014