What to expect

What to expect

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Central Sydney has significantly changed to become a 24-hour business, retail, entertainment, cultural and residential centre.

The level of noise in those areas that are not predominantly residential will always be greater than outlying suburban and country areas. But this does not mean current and future residents should not be able to live peacefully in the local area. The following suggestions are not intended to deter people from moving to the city, but should help you make an informed choice.

  • Before moving to the city, spend a night in a hotel or apartment to experience and listen. If possible, choose somewhere close to where you are intending to live so that you can experience normal night-time sounds that are representative of what you are likely to experience.
  • Explore the immediate neighbourhood and look for potential noise conflicts. This can include potential construction sites, which produce a significant amount of daytime noise and can last for a number of years, or types of industrial or commercial activities that operate 24 hours per day.
  • Locate clubs, hotels and bars to check their hours of operation and noise levels.
  • Be mindful that all roads have the potential to carry traffic at night. It may take only one late-night vehicle to disturb your sleep.
  • Talk to other residents in the area where you are thinking of buying property to find out their views.

Alternatively, you could obtain advice and if you consider necessary, hire an acoustic consultant if you are unsure about the noise levels that will affect your apartment or property. A consultant can report on existing noise levels and recommend a variety of soundproofing measures.


Dealing with neighbourhood noise

Last updated: Monday, 29 December 2014