Apartment living

Apartment living

Strata Skills 101 workshops

An ever-increasing number of local residents live in apartment blocks, also known as strata-titled buildings.

In fact, 75% of residences within the City of Sydney are apartments – more than 5 times the national average.

Different rules and approaches can apply in apartment blocks and not everyone is used to high-density living.

If you're new to apartment living we have developed a series of workshops to build your skills in different areas of strata, and to provide you with helpful tips and strategies.

The workshops involve group work, they are stand alone and can be done in any order.

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Helping you with apartment living

Strata law review 

The NSW Government is now reviewing strata and community title laws. You can review the City's submission advocating for high density residents.

Strata meeting places

We have a number of rooms available across the local area that can be hired for your strata meetings at low-cost.

Sustainable strata living

The City's Green Villages website highlights bright ideas for a sustainable Sydney while the national project Smart Blocks also has some great ways to save you money and energy.

If you are experiencing issues with recycling in your building we offer a range of free stickers and signs to help clean up your bin area.

More help

Apartment tenants and owners can get more help about high-rise living from several government and professional organisations.

NSW Fair Trading provides information about buying into a strata scheme and owners' corporations, and NSW Land and Property Information covers key property information.

The Owners' Corporation Network supports owners living in apartments, Strata Community Australia supports the strata sector and Tenants NSW is the peak organisation for renters.

New workshops in 2015

A range of new workshops will be offered in 2015 including 'Strata who? Strata you!' Perfect for international students, migrants who are new to apartment living in NSW and anyone who is downsizing to the City. 

PETiquette: For pet owners in apartments
Not everyone in your building will love your pet like you do. From understanding the importance of by-laws to dealing with pet conflicts this is a workshop for owners to learn about the art of PETiquette.

Yours, Mine and Ours: Renovation basics for strata living
Repairs and renovations can impact more than just your neighbours. From common property to understanding what you actually own and can renovate, this workshop will help you avoid common mistakes.

High-rise Harmony: Communication strategies to create a sense of community in your building
Good communication skills and dealing with effectively with conflict help create a harmonious community no matter what size building you live in.

Holding Back the Levy: Learn about collective finance, levies and the sinking fund
Find out more about collective finance and levies, and whether low strata levies are a good or bad thing. No matter what size strata scheme you live in, levies are an essential part of strata life.

Last updated: Thursday, 28 August 2014