Parking in the City

Parking in streets across the City is in very high demand. To balance competing demands for parking space, most City streets have time restrictions and sometimes ticket parking. Time limits help to ensure parking turnover in shopping precincts, limit commuter parking in residential neighbourhoods and encourage public transport use.

Residents, their visitors and small businesses in the local area may be eligible for parking permits.

A permit exempts users from most time limits and parking meter fees in specified areas, but they do not guarantee a parking spot on our busy streets.

Parking policy

Council endorsed the neighbourhood parking policy in May 2014. The policy applies to all City areas, excluding the city centre. Key features of the policy are:

  • a reduction in the number of permit precincts
  • the introduction of daily visitor permits across all neighbourhoods (replacing yearly visitor permits where they currently exist)
  • the introduction of business permits in all areas (with tighter eligibility criteria). 

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Parking permit area maps

The City is divided into 16 parking areas. Permits are valid only in the area where you live or operate a business.

Residential parking permits

Local residents may be eligible for a parking permit for the parking area where they live. Some buildings are restricted (see restricted properties below), which means the building's residents may not be eligible for permits. 

Business parking permits

A new business parking permit scheme has been introduced across the City of Sydney. The scheme has strict eligibility criteria.

The existing business permits in Pyrmont (area 20), Ultimo (area 14) and Glebe (area G) will be phased out from May 2016.

Visitor parking permits

A new visitor parking permit scheme has been introduced across the City of Sydney. Eligible households can apply annually for a number of daily visitor parking permits based on how many resident permits they hold.

The permit is held by the household and can be given to a visitor to display on their car when they visit. It exempts the visitor from parking meter and time zone restrictions where the parking area number on the permit matches the parking sign.

Existing visitor permits in Ultimo (area 14), Millers Point (area 16), Pyrmont (area 20) and Glebe (area G) will be phased out after May 2016 and replaced with the new scheme.

Care worker parking permits

Parking permits are available for accredited care workers who provide in-home services to local residents. When displaying the permit, the care worker's vehicle will be exempt from certain parking restrictions while the care worker is doing home visits.

As part of a 12-month trial between the City, Leichhardt and Marrickville councils, a joint permit is available to accredited care workers who work across these areas. This scheme has strict eligibility criteria and only accredited care worker organisations can apply on behalf of care worker staff.

Fees and permit restrictions

See our fees page for more information. Discounts apply for green vehicles. The City encourages using green vehicles as part of our efforts to address climate change and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Parking for people with a disability

People with a mobility disability may be eligible for a mobility parking permit. This permit, which is issued by NSW Roads and Maritime Services, exempts users from parking charges and time restrictions in any parking space of more than 30 minutes.

In addition, the City provides a number of designated mobility parking spaces.  

Restricted properties

If you live in a new property, you may not be eligible for a residential parking permit. When the City approves multi-unit residential developments (including major refurbishments and conversions), we often include a condition that restricts residents of the property from gaining a residential permit. 

This limits traffic congestion from new developments and protects existing on-street parking from excessive demand. It also ensures that new housing is affordable and sustainable.

Building owners and real estate agents must inform prospective buyers and tenants about any relevant restrictions.

The main restrictions apply to multi-unit developments:

  • approved after 8 May 1996 in the former South Sydney Council area
  • approved after 1 May 2000 in the former Sydney City Council area. 

In Ultimo and Pyrmont, residents of certain developments approved after 2 November 1998 are generally entitled to 1 permit only at a higher fee.

In some other areas, a business permit may be issued for a restricted property, if a registered business is operating from the property, and provided that no residential permit has already been issued for the property.

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Last updated: Thursday, 12 May 2016