New parking policy

Neighbourhood parking policy

The City of Sydney's new neighbourhood parking policy has been rolled out progressively across the local area over 12 months from August 2014.

What are the main changes to the policy?

  • Reducing 32 parking permit areas to 16.
  • Introducing daily visitor permits across all neighbourhoods (replacing yearly visitor permits where they currently exist).
  • Introducing business parking permits in all areas (with tighter eligibility criteria).
  • New parking areas are zoned A or B. Households in zone A (Kings Cross, Potts Point, Elizabeth Bay) are eligible for fewer resident and visitor permits than households in zone B areas. 

What areas are affected?

All parking areas across the City except the city centre (CBD) and Haymarket. 

What is happening to my parking area?

You can review your existing parking area below to find out how the new policy and boundary changes will affect you.

How will I know there are changes to my parking area boundaries? 

Letters will be sent to residents with current parking permits to update them on changes to parking area boundaries and when they will come into effect. 

Will I get a new permit?

No, you will keep your existing permit until it expires. If you live in a parking area that is amalgamating with another area, the number of your parking area may change. The City will send you a letter to explain any changes that affect you.

If you have more questions, download our FAQ or review the page that relates to your parking permit:

Residential parking permitsBusiness parking permitsVisitor parking permitsCare worker parking permits

Parking area changes

There are no changes to 6 parking areas:

The amalgamation of 2 or more former areas will create 5 new areas:

The remaining 5 areas will be created through more complex boundary changes to former parking areas:

  • Area G Glebe – all of the Glebe precinct plus the area of Camperdown (30) north of Parramatta Road
  • Area 22 Newtown – all of Newtown (22) precinct, plus the area of Camperdown (30) south of Parramatta Road and part of Macdonaldtown (36) north of the railway line
  • Area 35 Zetland, Beaconsfield and Rosebery – all of Beaconsfield (34), Zetland (37), Rosebery (38) with most of Alexandria (35) and a small area of Waterloo (39)
  • Area 36 Erskineville/Alexandria – southern area of Macdonaldtown (36), all of Erskineville (40), plus the north-western areas of Alexandria (35) and Waterloo (39)
  • Area 41 Redfern – all of Baptist Street (33) and Redfern (41), plus most of Waterloo (39)


Last updated: Friday, 19 June 2015