Area 32 Darlington – becomes Area 32 Chippendale

New parking policy

A new parking policy is being rolled out progressively across the City over 12 months from August 2014.

What changes with the new parking policy?

  • Areas 24 and 32 will merge to create a new larger parking area – it will be known as Area 32 Chippendale (see Area 32 map).

What stays the same?

What is new in the policy?

When will the changes happen?

  • The timing for the creation of the new Area 32 parking area is still being determined, but it is expected to happen in late 2014 following the completion of the parking review (see other changes to parking below) – this page will be updated once the timing is confirmed.

Do permit holders need to do anything in the meantime?

  • No, if you have a resident permit you can continue to park where you normally do.
  • All households with resident permits will be notified in writing when the parking area boundaries are set to change, and parking area signs with 'Area 24' will be changed to 'Area 32'.
  • Once the boundary changes happen you will be able to park in the wider area of your new parking area when the spaces close to you are full.
  • Eligible households and businesses will also be able to apply for Visitor and Business parking permits towards the end of 2014.

Are there any other changes to parking?

  • When the new policy was adopted Council resolved to undertake a review of the adequacy of existing parking controls in Chippendale to ensure they balance the needs of residents, visitors and local businesses in light of changing land uses.
  • The consultations have been completed and stakeholder feedback is being analysed. Any changes to parking controls will be implemented in early 2015, before the creation of the new area 32.

Last updated: Monday, 27 October 2014