Residential permits

Residential permits

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Parking permits for residents

Check whether you are eligible for a residential parking permit based on the information below.

Generally, households that do not have any on-site parking are eligible for up to 2 permits. If your residence has 1 parking space and you have 2 cars, you may be eligible for 1 permit.

Eligibility restrictions apply to most properties built after 1996. To check the eligibility of your property, contact the City on 02 9265 9333.

Go to the business parking or care worker pages for more information about these permits. The details below only apply to residential permits.


You may be eligible for a residential parking permit provided:

  • You live permanently at your address located within the City boundaries
  • The property is rated residentially
  • You own your vehicle with your residential address shown on your certificate of registration
  • Your property meets the City of Sydney’s property restrictions.
  • You have less than 2 onsite parking spaces – conditions and further documentation apply.

Proof of residence and registration required

You must provide 2 current proof of residence documents. These documents must show your name and residential address.

Accepted documents include: utility bill, phone account, bank statement, pension/health care card, current lease, drivers licence, rates notice, electoral card, or other official government correspondence.

Documents relating to your vehicle cannot be used as proof of residence.

You must provide proof of registration. Only a current certificate of registration issued by the RMS will be accepted, and the certificate must show receipt of payment.

The vehicle must be registered in your name and to your address. The exception is if you drive a company vehicle where further documentation will be required.

More on how to apply.


When the City approves multi-unit residential developments, we add conditions to the consent. Most development consents issued over the past 15 years include a condition that residents of the new property will not be eligible for a parking permit. This limits traffic congestion from new developments and protects existing on-street parking.

Where a property is not eligible for parking permits, the City records the consent condition on the section 149(5) certificate that is issued to property owners. It is also a condition of consent that owners must inform prospective buyers and tenants. The main restrictions apply to:

  • multi-unit developments approved after 8 May 1996 in the city east and city south areas
  • all developments approved after 1 May 2000 in the city centre.

In Ultimo and Pyrmont, residents of certain developments approved after 2 November 1998 are generally entitled to 1 permit only.

On-site vehicle parking spaces

Properties with onsite parking have reduced entitlement to parking permits. Properties with 2 or more onsite spaces are not entitled to parking permits. Properties with 1 onsite space may be entitled to 1 permit if 2 vehicles are registered to the property.


City of Sydney02 9265 9333

Last updated: Friday, 1 March 2013