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Sustainability in strata

Approximately 75% of local residents live in apartment buildings. These vertical villages account for 38% of the local area's water use, 10% of its greenhouse gas emissions and 14% of its waste.

To help owners and residents reduce their water and energy use, and minimise waste, the City has developed the residential apartment sustainability plan. The plan sets targets, outcomes and practical actions for increasing sustainability in new and existing apartment buildings that will save our community money and reduce emissions, water and waste.

Well performing, efficient buildings cost less money to run and are increasingly in demand from prospective buyers and renters.

The City offers a range of initiatives to help create more cost effective and efficient buildings, improve performance of shared services and amenities, and minimise environmental impacts.  

Smart Green Apartments program

Your building will receive:

  • tailored energy and water assessments to identify cost-effective improvements and upgrades in common areas
  • technical support to help implement energy and water efficiency upgrades
  • a waste and recycling operational assessment with tailored solutions
  • an online platform to track and manage your building’s energy and water consumption.

Visit our Smart Green Apartments page to find out more about our next program intake in August 2017.

Grants for apartment buildings

  • Innovation funding aims to support developing or starting new technologies or processes that are currently not available in the local market.
  • Building operations grants provides funding for water monitoring to track water use throughout a building.
  • Rating and assessment grants help with funding water and/or energy assessments that help build a case for upgrades.

For more information about these grants and to see whether you’d be eligible, visit our grants and sponsorship pages.

Only buildings in our area are eligible to receive a City of Sydney grant.

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If you have any questions about any of our initiatives, contact the program manager.


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Residential apartments sustainability plan 

The residential apartments sustainability plan is the City's first customer focused sustainability plan to deliver on our master plans for energy efficiency, renewable energy, water and waste.

Please note:Our residential apartments sustainability plan is a supporting document to our Environmental Action 2016–2021 strategy and action plan, which is the City's most up-to-date set of environmental targets and actions.

Residential apartment buildings contribute 10% of the city’s greenhouse gas emissions, consume more than a third of its water and generate 14% of total waste. By 2030, 80% of our residents will live in apartments and 90% of new homes will be in high rise apartment buildings.

The plan sets targets, outcomes and practical actions for increasing sustainability in new and existing apartment buildings which will save our community money and reduce emissions, water and waste. It draws on extensive studies and stakeholder engagement to address challenges.

Under the plan, apartment sector greenhouse gas emissions will reduce by 40% and water consumption by 7% by 2030 with 70% of waste diverted from landfill by 2021. These are ambitious yet achievable targets that take account of the considerable growth in the sector. 

Smart Blocks

This is a national program helping apartment owners and their managers save money by improving energy efficiency in apartment buildings. An online toolkit is at the core of the program that guides users towards energy saving initiatives in common areas of their buildings.

Smart Blocks was initiated by the City of Sydney Smart Green Apartments program alongside Strata Community Australia, City of Melbourne, Green Strata and Owners Corporation Network of Australia. To find out more, visit the Smart Blocks website via Links below.


Smart Blocks

Green Strata

Green Strata is a Sydney-based, not-for-profit organisation that evolved due to the lack of sustainability knowledge easily obtainable for strata-titled property owners.

Run by property owners, the organisation focuses on helping occupiers of apartment buildings improve the sustainability of their property and the community of residents.

The Green Strata site

The site aims to be a destination for strata owners looking for information to improve the sustainability of their buildings, case studies of what owners have already achieved and how they did it as well as independent recommendations for a range of related products and services.


Green Strata

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