Smart Green Apartments

Smart Green Apartments

Green Globe Award

Our program has been recognised for excellence and innovation in design, construction, retrofitting and management of existing or new buildings, precincts and tenancies.

Built Environment Award

Smart Green Apartments program

Smart Green Apartments is a free program provided by the City of Sydney to help make buildings more energy and water efficient.  Applications for the 2017 program intake have now closed.

To date we've helped more than 50 buildings in the local area save thousands of dollars each year on running and maintenance costs.

Here are a couple of examples:

  • Aria, a 15-storey apartment building in Waterloo is now saving $61,000 each year through lighting upgrades and adjusting timers on car park exhaust fans.
  • Cleveland Mews, a 66-unit apartment building in Redfern is saving 82% in energy use through lighting upgrades and installing heat pumps for the swimming pool and spa.
Program snapshot. Because high rise living can be more resource intensive and expensive, we're working with 20 buildings each year for 10 years to: reduce water usage, improve waste management, increase energy efficiency and reduce costs. Smart Green Apartments. City of Sydney 2030.
What does each building get? Energy and waste assessments and action plans. Costed upgrade recommendations. Online data portal. Training and networking opportunities. Waterfix program by Sydney Water. Implementation support. Smart Green Apartments. City of Sydney 2030.

Current program participants

We started working with 20 buildings in December 2016 for the 2016/17 Smart Green Apartments program.

So far we've identified average cost savings around 35%. This equates to an average of $57,000 in savings for each building, each year. 

The buildings were selected through an open recruitment process that started in August 2016.

Buildings were chosen based on an evaluation of their energy and water consumption, along with their size and complexity.

The capacity of owners corporations to implement upgrades, level of engagement and available budget were also key considerations.

Watch this space for updates on cost-savings and efficiency improvements from the 2016/17 program participants.

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Last updated: Friday, 12 January 2018