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Free tree giveaway

Residents can take home a small or medium sized tree, from a range of native and exotic species.

Tree giveaway info

The benefits of trees

Trees are an important urban asset – providing environmental, aesthetic, cultural and economic benefits.

They contrast with the buildings that dominate most city streets and soften traffic noise, screen unwanted views, reduce glare and shade us during summer.

Trees improve our air through photosynthesis. They remove carbon dioxide from the air, store it in leaves, trunks and roots and return oxygen to the atmosphere.

By trapping airborne particles and pollutants, trees reduce air pollution, dust and the toxins that are mostly emitted by diesel exhausts.

Trees also filter toxins from the first flush of stormwater run-off after rain, which improves our water quality.

Tree roots keep the soil porous, allowing the stormwater to be absorbed rather than drain into Sydney Harbour.

The shade of a tree in summer reduces the need for air-conditioning and reduce what is known as the ‘urban heat island effect’, where temperatures rise because there are so many absorbent surfaces such as roads, footpaths and the sides of buildings in the city.

Tree policies

The City of Sydney has policies in place to protect and enhance our urban forest.

Pruning and removing trees

Approval is required if you want to cut back or remove a tree, or do construction work close to a tree.

Weed trees: Celtis

Not all flora is welcome. There is a policy to control weeds in place.

Trees and neighbours

Keeping the neighbours happy among the foliage.

Street trees

How we are protecting and maintaining our street trees across the local area.

Tree donations

Tree donations from the public are welcomed and recorded on our tree donation register.

Last updated: Wednesday, 19 February 2014