Free tree giveaway

Free tree giveaway

Sydney Park: 12 March 2016

The City gave away 1,000 trees on Saturday 12 March 2016.

We have prepared information in the table below about the available tree species this year with short descriptions, the preferred aspect and soil, and how to care for your tree. We have also prepared a tip sheet for growing trees in pots.

The next giveaway will be on Saturday 1 April 2017 at Sydney Park.  

Increasing the City's tree canopy

Trees make our city more beautiful as well as improving our air quality and providing habitat for birds and animals.

The City of Sydney has planted 11,742 trees since 2005 – we already have around 44,000 trees on our streets, parks and City properties – and we're planning for many more.

Our free tree giveaway encourages residents to help us reach our target to increase the City's tree canopy up to 50% by 2030.

Free trees: Terms and conditions

We hope that you will enjoy planting and caring for your tree to help us create a greener future for our city and villages.

Residents must obtain the necessary approvals for selecting the trees and the planting locations within the property boundary.

The City made its best endeavours to provide a healthy plant with average growth height information but we make no warranties concerning the tree. We suggest you investigate where best to plant the tree to minimise any risks to property or people.


Lisa Durland
Acting Street Tree Contract Coordinator
02 9265 9673
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Last updated: Thursday, 15 December 2016