Tree donations

Tree donations

Greening more of Sydney

The City of Sydney welcomes tree donations from the public. Our tree donation policy has been designed to encourage community participation in the greening of Sydney.

Details for tree selection, planting, maintenance and donor recognition are in the policy, which can be downloaded below, along with the application form required to make a donation.


City of Sydney02 9265 9333

Tree donation register

Tree Donor/s Botanic name/
Common name
Planting location Date planted Tree height at planting Asset number Reason for donation (if provided) Photo
Taylors College, Sydney Brachychiton discolor / Queensland Lacebark Short Street Reserve 2008-12-17 4m 7176 In memory of Elva (student)
Yukari Tanimura, Robert Clancy Jacaranda mimosifolia / Jacaranda Victoria Park (near Lake Northam) 2011-04-20 4m 1614408 The tree has been named 'Paco'
James Street Community Garden Association Citrus sinensis / Blood orange James Street Reserve Community Garden


1m 61144 To celebrate the official opening of the garden by the Lord Mayor
Family and friends of Sonia and Helen Ficus microcarpa var Hillii / Hill's Fig Sydney Park north of wetland 2 2012-04-03 4.5m 61131 To celebrate the lives of Sonia Marra and Helen Tamaki
Family and friends
of Elizabeth O Mahony
Argyrodendron actinophyllum / Black Booyong Sydney Park west of wetland 4 2012-05-17 4m 61143 To celebrate the life of Elizabeth O Mahony
Blue Wrens Group Angophora costata / Sydney Red Gum Arthur Paddy Gray Reserve 2012-06-23 4m 1894021 In memory of David Mander-Jones
Family of Luke Fisher Angophora floribunda / Rough Barked Apple Federal Park Glebe
(near skate ramp)
2012-10-22 3m 2060068 To celebrate the life of Luke Robert Fisher 19/2/1981-25/8/2002
Friends of Beverly Karonidas Araucaria heterophylla / Norfolk Island Pine Prince Alfred Park (behind Coronation Centre) 2012-12-20 4m 2110029 To celebrate the life of Beverly Karonidas
Sydney Medically Supervised Injecting Centre Araucaria cunninghamii / Hoop Pine Lawrence Hargrave Reserve Kings Cross 2013-06-22 4m In memory of drug-related deaths
City of Sydney Eucalyptus propinqua /
Grey Gum
Paradise Park
2014-05-29 2.5m 2120025 In memory of
Debra Berryman 
Family and friends of Victoria Richards Angophora costata /
Sydney Red Gum
Glebe foreshore 2015-04-03 4m 2148021 In memory of
Victoria Richards
Family and friends of Winifred Violet Zivanovic Angophora costata /
Sydney Red Gum
Redfern Park 2015-04-30 4m To celebrate the life of our wonderful mother and grandmother, Winnie
Shan Fu and Shu Shi Jacaranda mimosifolia /
Hyde Park North 2015-06-12 3m    To celebrate the year they lived in Sydney as temporary residents from China

Last updated: Monday, 13 July 2015