Recycling machines

Recycling machines

Where are they?

Look out for our recycling machines at Alfred Street, Circular Quay and Dixon Street, Haymarket.

View our map at the end of this page for machine locations.

Zero Waste

Recycling pays

Why throw something away when you can be rewarded for recycling it instead?

The City is trialing 2 reverse vending machines in the local area so there is an option to recycle when you are out and about. A reverse vending machine works the opposite way to a vending machine – you put in an empty drink container and you get to choose a reward for your recycling efforts.

What can go into the machines?

The machines love empty drink cans and plastic bottles.

Careful not to put in glass or containers full of liquid, and do not crush your containers beforehand – our machines won’t cope.

Did you know?

The City has tried using recycling bins in public areas, but levels of contamination made it impossible to recycle the materials collected. The beauty of these machines is that they accept only items that can be recycled and reject anything else. No more burger wrappers!


Find the machines at bus stand C on Alfred Street, Circular Quay and in Dixon Street mall, Haymarket.

Don’t bin it, win it.

You could win a morning swim or the big night out for your family 

So what exactly can you win? You can choose from:

  • Going in the draw to win a family pass to the 2015 Sydney New Year’s Eve Dawes Point Viewing Area
  • Donating your reward to Clean Up Australia or OzHarvest
  • 2 for 1 food vouchers from the Urban Pasta food truck.

The machine will also randomly select an instant winner for our pool passes. This will entitle you to a free swim at our outdoor pools, including Andrew (Boy) Charlton, Prince Alfred Park, and Victoria Park pools.

Breakdowns and repairs

Even though our machines are grunty, they are not invincible and need a little TLC sometimes. For operational assistance email or call the City on 02 9265 9333.

What’s the issue, really?

Beverage containers now outstrip cigarette butts as the most littered item (taken from the National top 10 rubbish items collected on Clean Up Australia Day). 15,000 bottles and cans are littered or landfilled in Australia every minute.

It is a fact that a 'cash for container' scheme, will reduce litter and increase recycling rates to 80–95%. South Australia is leading the way with such a scheme and has doubled the rate of recycling than the rest of the country. 

10 cents can clean things up

A 10 cent refund on containers can put a dent on litter and skyrocket recycling levels. The Boomerang Alliance is proposing a convenient container deposit system where drink containers can be returned to reverse vending machines, much like this one, at the local shopping centre. You can find out more about their campaign in the link below.


Clean Up AustraliaBoomerang AllianceEnvirobankUrban Pasta Food Truck

Last updated: Monday, 23 March 2015