Discarded batteries

Batteries recycled per year fill four waste bins. Batteries discarded each year fill 615 garbage trucks.


Last year, we recycled 21,500 batteries through our popular e-waste collections and chemical drop-off day, which is awesome. The amount recycled could fill four of our big, Council wheelie bins.

But we also know that Australia threw away 172 million batteries.

Why, that would fill more than 666 of the mega garbage trucks at our depots!

So we thought, ‘how can we make more of a dent in the recycling world?’ The answer – convenient bins.

What’s amazing is that just four months after we launched our new recycling stations at City libraries and centres, we collected over 10,000 batteries.

Boom. Thanks to you, things are changing already.

Whatever you do, don't put batteries in the bin. They can get way nasty in landfill and leak heavy metals, like lead, which can pollute our soil and drinking water.

Recycle your old batteries at your nearest library or Neighbourhood Centre today

Last updated: Wednesday, 2 April 2014