Light bulbs in landfill

1 million lightbulbs are put in bins weekly. If just 5 break in landfill, toxic mercury leaked could pollute more drinking water than you can consume in a lifetime.

Danger, Will Robinson!

Light bulbs are dainty, little things that contain *GASP* mercury.

But if we don’t put them in the bin, where should we put them?

Why not recycle your old light bulbs at your nearest City library or Neighbourhood Service Centre today.

95% of the one million light bulbs sent to landfill in Australia each year can be recycled for glass, metals, phosphor powder and mercury.

In fact, they can even be recycled into products like glass wool insulation.


Whatever you do, don't let lightbulbs end up in landfill. The mercury contained in a compact fluorescent light bulb is a teeny, tiny teardrop amount, but it's enough to pollute 15,000 litres of water beyond safe drinking levels if it leaks.
Recycle your old lightbulbs at your nearest library or neighbourhood centre today.

Last updated: Wednesday, 2 April 2014