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Creative City Sydney

Find information on our cultural initiatives and programs, discover everyday experiences and get involved in growing our creative community.

City Talks

Upcoming talks and presentations on our urban environment and the city's future.

City Farm

Updates on City Farm planning, construction and programs including volunteer opportunities

Development Applications

Listing of DAs currently on exhibition and open for public comment at the One Stop Shop.

Grants and sponsorships

Keep in touch with the latest events and programs at Green Square by joining our email list.

Grants and sponsorships

Don't miss out on grants and sponsorship opportunities from the City. Subscribe to our newsletter for all the latest information, grant opening dates and much more.

Green Villages

News, tips and ideas about coming together to create a community-minded, sustainable Sydney.

KGV Recreation Centre

Updates on sports competitions and fitness classes plus exercise and nutrition tips.

City of Sydney Libraries

News from our library network including upcoming talks, classes and other events.

City of Sydney - Media Centre The latest news from our media hub, keeping residents, businesses, visitors and the media informed.
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Pine Street Creative Arts Centre

Keep in touch with the latest events, exhibitions and programs at Pine Street Creative Arts by joining our email list.

Smart Green Apartments

For updates on new sustainability initiatives, resources and events for apartment buildings.

Sydney City News

Reporting on our programs, activities, events, initiatives and people

City Business

Stay in touch with the issues that matter to retail businesses in the city, upcoming opportunities, seminars and more.

Strata Skills 101

If you're new to apartment living we run a series of workshops to provide you with helpful tips and strategies. Never miss another workshop!

Sydney Cycleways

News plus upcoming cycling workshops, courses, events and much more.

Sydney Your Say

Get involved and help us shape the future of Sydney.

What's On

Highlights of the many great events held in our area every single week.

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Last updated: Tuesday, 9 February 2016