Buildings and facilities

Buildings and facilities

Upgrades to buildings and facilities

We aim to be a leader in design excellence when we improve existing buildings and facilities across our local area.

While preserving the historic significance of these buildings, among the improvements we introduce sustainable features to boost our green and design excellence credentials.

Before we start work to improve our buildings and facilities, we ask for your feedback about the plans and designs on our Sydney Your Say website. 

Current works

New depot at Alexandra Canal

The new depot will provide waste, maintenance and construction services for the southern city area and replace 3 existing facilities.

New childcare centre for Green Square

We have started work on a new childcare centre at Joynton Avenue, Zetland.

Alexandria Town Hall restoration

Alexandria's much-loved Town Hall on Garden Street is being restored to return the 136-year-old building to its former glory.

Completed works

East Sydney Community and Arts Centre upgrade

The East Sydney Community and Arts Centre (formerly Heffron Hall) and Albert Sloss Reserve are being renewed.

Juanita Nielsen Community Centre upgrade

We have completed a major refurbishment to make the Juanita Nielsen Community Centre more accessible and welcoming for the whole community.

Maybanke Recreation Centre upgrade

We have improved the main entry ramp, stairs and the basketball court playing surface and surrounds at the Maybanke Recreation Centre.

The Crescent Early Learning Centre

We have completed work on a new childcare centre at 7 Chapman Road, Annandale.

East Sydney Early Learning Centre

We have transformed 277–279 Bourke Street in Darlinghurst into a state-of-the-art childcare and community centre.

Last updated: Tuesday, 31 May 2016