Glebe Town Hall restoration

Glebe Town Hall restoration

Glebe Town Hall

Glebe Town Hall's restoration is complete, and the building was offically opened on Saturday 2 March 2013. The building has always been at the heart of Glebe’s civic life and it has now been given a new lease of life.

The restoration ensures this historic and valued building is accessible and welcoming for the whole community, and that it can be used for a wide range of meetings, events and groups.

By combining modern, sustainable design with careful restoration of the original features, the Town Hall and the Lodge buildings are revived and protected for the future. A stunning glass façade features on the new accessible entrance to the building on Lodge Street.

The restored building houses the Glebe Early Childhood Health Centre, the University of Sydney Glebe Community Development Project, hire spaces, meeting rooms and artist studios.

The Glebe Neighbourhood Service Centre has moved to its new home at Glebe Library.

The restoration of Glebe Town Hall focused on 3 key areas:

The rescue of heritage features

  • Fixing salt and water damage on the external façade
  • Restoring the clock and clock tower to working order
  • Replacing the roof with new welsh slate to match the original
  • Improved insulation and sound proofing.

Improving accessibility

  • A new street level entry on the southern side of building, accessible from Lodge Street
  • Ramp on Mount Vernon Street, making pram and wheel chair access a fast option from the Mount Vernon bus stop
  • A new lift to all floors
  • New access to the Lodge building from the ground floor of the Town Hall.

Sustainable design

  • Building elements to be recycled wherever possible, such as the reuse of the original welsh slate roof tiles
  • New fittings to reduce energy and water use with monitoring systems so we can report on the effectiveness of these fittings
  • Natural ventilation and light to reduce the need for air-conditioning and electric lighting
  • Rainwater to be collected from the new roof for reuse in toilets and garden irrigation.


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