East Sydney Community and Arts Centre

East Sydney Community and Arts Centre

East Sydney Community and Arts Centre and Albert Sloss Reserve upgrade

The East Sydney Community and Arts Centre (formerly Heffron Hall) and Albert Sloss Reserve are being renewed. 

We started in November 2014 by installing electricity kiosks on the footpath next to the reserve, replacing ones that had been in the building.

Demolition works to the building have now been completed and new structural elements like floor slabs, the lift shaft, new footings and beams are being built. Structural steel will go up in December, followed by the roof. The structural steel will be delivered by crane and the footpath along Burton Street will have to be closed. Pedestrians will be redirected by traffic controllers.

As part of the centre's redevelopment, a new public artwork will brighten the hall's Burton Street façade. S(w)ing by Turpin + Crawford Studio is an artwork literally at play. Three giant translucent discs will move in a smooth, languid action behind a five-metre glass wall that will open up the building to the street. The discs will glide as their 'strings' are pulled by children playing in the centre below. As the acrylic discs swing in staggered, intersecting arcs like out-of-time pendulums, they will throw neon light onto the street.

The hall's refurbishment will make it possible to run more activities for more people. There will be multipurpose spaces for community hire and improved out-of-hours school care facilities for up to 30 children.

The 1966 building will be more accessible and better connected to neighbouring Albert Sloss Reserve. The reserve will also be renewed as part of these works, with new play equipment and better access. 

New play equipment includes a slippery dip, rope-climbing tunnel and basket swing, a fairy garden and nature-inspired play elements (see artist's impression above).

We will improve access from Palmer Street, increase the grass area and provide new paths, seating and energy-efficient lighting. We were delayed because of the Ausgrid kiosks and have been further delayed due to wet weather and some unexpected site conditions. We expect the project to be completed in the second half of 2016.  

Community consultation

As part of this renewal, we consulted with the community about the proposed name for the new centre and reserve - the 'East Sydney Community and Arts Centre'. Council endorsed the name in June 2014.


Annelise Beljaars
Project Manager
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Matthew Taylor
Senior Design Manager02 9265 9333

Last updated: Tuesday, 8 December 2015