City centre improvements

City centre improvements

In the city centre

We are committed to improving and maintaining our streets.

From 2012 to December 2013, we renewed the following footpaths in the city centre. Footpaths were upgraded with granite pavers to make them safer and more appealing.

Pitt Street

There were 2,600 square metres of granite paving that  replaced asphalt footpaths in Pitt Street between Martin Place and Circular Quay.

A map of the granite paving works completed on Pitt Street is available to download below.

Castlereagh Street

In 2012 new Granite paving was installed between Hunter Street and Martin Place, and between Market Street and Park Street

Alfred Street

There were 1,100 square metres of new granite paving installed near Circular Quay in January 2013.

Elizabeth Street

New granite paving was installed between Park Street and Market Street: 930 square metres.

Bridge Street

Between George Street and Loftus Street: 590 square metres.

York Street

Between King Street and Barrack Street: 300 square metres.

Bathurst Street

Between George Street and Sussex Street: 990 square metres.

Bond Street

Between Pitt Street and George Street: 200 square metres.

Further improvements

Improvements were made to kerb ramps and drainage pits to improve safety.

Foundations for new Smartpoles were also installed. Smartpoles combine street and parking signs, traffic signals, and lighting on one pole. They provide high-quality street lighting and reduce clutter.

Smartpoles also allow for hanging baskets or street banners, improving the streetscape.

The advanced types of traffic infrastructure will continue to be installed in 2014.


Phil Yeadon
Granite Infill: Project Manager02 9265 9333


Last updated: Monday, 13 January 2014