Sydney Town Hall

Sydney Town Hall

Majestic revival for grand organ

Sydney Town Hall’s 19th century grand organ, among the world’s top 6 pipe organs, has been transformed after a $1.2 million restoration project to return the national treasure to its former sound and glory.

The historic organ is the largest of its kind in the world has entertained visitors to Sydney Town Hall for more than 100 years.

Its estimated cost of replacement is up to $20 million. But the extensive conservation works undertaken by the City now see it completely cleaned, tuned, repaired and carefully documented for future generations to enjoy.

Standing at over 13 metres tall, the grand organ features nearly 9,000 pipes that have each been delicately removed, hand cleaned and measured.

Grand organ

Town Hall upgrade

Sydney Town Hall is being restored and protected for future generations.

The first stage of works featured a complete internal refurbishment, enhancing the building's sustainability while retaining its historic charm and respecting its heritage significance.

Due to the scale of work the first stage cost $40 million.

Clock tower restoration

The much-loved bells of Sydney's oldest clock tower rang out for the first time on Tuesday 3 September 2013 after 532 days of careful restoration by some of Australia's leading sandstone experts.

The 17-month restoration to the 55-metre tall tower above Sydney Town Hall completed the first stage of a lengthy conservation project for our city's landmark civic building.

Expert stonemasons worked tirelessly to restore the 140-year-old sandstone feature that included carving out 26 cubic metres of sandstone.

The conservation work also included seismic bracing with metal reinforcements to protect it against major damage from earthquakes, the safe removal of asbestos and the installation of sustainable low-voltage LED lighting.

Grand organ

Sydney Town Hall’s grand organ, one of the largest in the world with more than 8,700 pipes, has been cleaned, tuned and restored over a 2-year period.


The City has seized the upgrade opportunity to green the Town Hall by improving its energy efficiency.

More than 1,700 new energy efficient lights have been fitted and a new computer system controls smart sensors that switch lights off in areas that are not being used.

The sustainable lighting and smart sensors mean the building will use 30% less energy than previously.

New hydraulics and storm water infrastructure throughout the building will help reduce water use by 15 to 20%.

On the northern roof of the Town Hall, 240 solar panels – which can supply 48 kilowatts of power – have been installed.

New roof insulation will help retain heat in winter and keep the building cool during summer months.


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Last updated: Tuesday, 11 August 2015