Prince Alfred Park upgrade

Prince Alfred Park upgrade

Improvements to Prince Alfred Park

The extensive upgrade to Prince Alfred Park includes a refurbished swimming centre, new tennis and basketball courts, play areas, and the renovated Coronation Centre community space.

The first stage of the park upgrade is now complete and included a range of exciting improvements including:

  • upgrades to pathways to make them accessible to everyone (walkers and runners, bicycle riders, people with prams and people using wheelchairs)
  • the installation of custom-designed furniture and energy efficient lights
  • a designated exercise area and new basketball courts
  • a children’s playground featuring beautiful, hand-crafted rides
  • more trees and plants and a native meadow to promote bio-diversity
  • refurbishment of the historic Coronation Centre as a community facility.

Anyone for tennis?

The new tennis courts in the park have international-standard court surfaces - the same as those used for the Australian Open tournament in Melbourne. Improving the tennis complex means it can host professional competitions and exhibition matches.

An extra court was created to provide more facilities for casual players and more tennis classes.


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Last updated: Friday, 18 September 2015