Sydney Park

Sydney Park

Upgrade for Sydney Park

Much has been achieved since the City transformed the former clay extraction and waste disposal site into 44 hectares of parkland in the early 1990s.

Sydney Park is now a popular place for the growing communities of the southern districts of the City. With development continuing in the south, there is a growing need for access to high quality open space.

The City has successfully implemented its 2003 Master Plan, which was prepared in conjunction with the Plan of Management.

We are now implementing a detailed master plan that builds on the foundation of the plan of management, and addresses the need to establish a meaningful vision for further improvements to Sydney Park as part of its ongoing development.

Future works to the park will establish an improved park landscape of greater environment stability and with wider recreation opportunity, so the park can cater for the growing numbers and diversity of users.

Water harvesting system

The City completed the first stage of the Sydney Park Water Reuse Scheme in 2010 and has recently completed the Developed Design plans for the much larger stage two works.

Sydney Park fitness equipment

The City of Sydney installed new fitness equipment at Sydney Park in 2012 to give locals and visitors a place to exercise.

The upgrade includes:

  • Installing new fitness equipment
  • Providing rubber soft fall to meet Australian Standards
  • Protecting existing mature trees and providing new seating space, bubblers and signs
  • Simple, robust and high quality materials.


Damon La’Rance
Project Manager
02 9265 9333

Last updated: Friday, 18 September 2015