Hyde Park works

Hyde Park works

Hyde Park improvement works

The City has begun a new program of works to improve and maintain Hyde Park, including tree replanting, refurbishing the Pool of Reflection, and maintenance and upgrades to paths. The works will be carried out in stages to minimise disruption.

Package 1 – Completed

We have replaced 4 Hill’s Fig trees around the Archibald Fountain, which were previously removed due to poor health. We planted 6 new Hill’s Figs, and 1 new Moreton Bay Fig east of the fountain to take the place of the previous trees.

Works included preparing the garden beds, installing new drainage and irrigation, adding new soil and planting shrubs and the fig trees and replacing seating around the garden beds. 

Package 2 – Completed

The Pool of Reflection upgrade in Hyde Park south has been completed. Leakages and disrepair of the pool due to its age were addressed.

Works included repairing and re-tiling the pool, replacing pool pumps and improving maintenance access. New garden beds and irrigation was installed and 22 new trees have been planted to replace the Poplar trees removed due to poor health. The pavement around the pool was also repaired, with new seating installed along surrounding pathways.

Package 3 – Path restoration and access improvements

While the main paths of Hyde Park North have been refurbished, much of the secondary path network needs upgrading.

The City will be restoring the path network, which will improve connections between different parts of the park. 

Works include simplifying the layout of some of the smaller paths in Hyde Park North, and improving accessibility at the park entrances at College and Park streets. 

We will also be improving access to services for the increasing number of events being held in the park.

This includes installing new water, power and sewer supply points and improving existing lighting in the park so it can be better used at events.

Package 4 – Museum Station easy access upgrade and café

Transport for NSW is making changes at Museum Station to improve access for customers. The project includes:

  • a new lift connecting the entry of the station on the corner of Elizabeth and Liverpool streets and the underground station concourse
  • 2 new lifts connecting the station concourse with the platforms
  • an accessible ramp at the station entrance
  • a new family accessible toilet
  • refurbishment of the toilets within the concourse.

As part of the project Hyde Park South Café and the City will rebuild the café and outdoor seating area once Transport for NSW has completed its works. A stylish open-plan café (artist's impression of the new Museum Station Café above) will replace the old one in Hyde Park South as part of works to make Museum Station more accessible. A new glass frontage will help preserve the heritage look of the brick station entrance at the corner of Elizabeth and Liverpool streets.

The café will be built by the City of Sydney as part of works by Transport NSW to improve access to the station beneath the heritage-listed park. New lifts will connect the station entry, concourse and platform.

The heritage setting around the café will also be upgraded with new works including landscaping, paths and stairs. A new paved terrace will complement the alfresco café seating within the parkland setting.

The concept designs for the proposed café were open for public comment from 13 October until 27 October 2015 and Council endorsed the project on 23 November 2015.


For more information please contact Transport for NSW:

1800 684 490

Artist's impression: Andrew Burns Architects for City of Sydney

Last updated: Wednesday, 26 October 2016