Glebe Foreshore

Glebe Foreshore

Extension of Glebe Foreshore Walk

The Glebe Peninsula has had a continuous and accessible foreshore path constructed in several stages since 2004. The route stretches from Bicentennial Park in the west to Ferry Road in the east.

A final link of the pathway will now be added in the last stage of the project, extending from Ferry Road to Bridge Road along the frontage of the Sydney Secondary College.

The design has been developed in conjunction with the land owners, the Department of Education, along with Sydney Secondary College and other key stakeholders.

Construction is expected to be completed by 2015.

Glebe Foreshore improvements

The design includes:

  • new sea walls to stabilise the harbour’s edge
  • 3 metre wide shared path for pedestrians and bike riders
  • tiered terraces and wide steps to provide access to the water’s edge
  • more than 50 new native trees including eucalypts and black wattle
  • hundreds of shrubs and native grasses
  • niches, rocky embankments, new saltmarsh and mangroves for local marine habitat
  • energy-efficient lighting to improve safety for pedestrians after dark
  • new bike racks, extra seating, new rubbish bins and new signage
  • new storage facilities for the outrigger canoes.

Approved design plans

You can download the approved development plans below.

The design plans were on public exhibition until October 2012 and endorsed by Council in November 2012. A development application was lodged in early 2013 and approved in August 2013. You can still share your thoughts regarding this project at Sydney Your Say.


Russell Kosko
Project Manager
02 9265 9289


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