Abercrombie Street

Abercrombie Street

Darlington’s main street

Abercrombie Street is the main street of Darlington Village and runs between Broadway and Golden Grove Street in Darlington.

The active centre of Darlington village, Abercrombie Street supports cafes, a small retail strip, small businesses, homes and a local park. It is a major walking route between Redfern Station and the University of Sydney.

The City of Sydney is working to improve Abercrombie Street. The work will increase footpath capacity, improve pedestrian safety and encourage outdoor dining. We are also improving the landscaping on both sides of Abercrombie Street, between Ivy and Shepherd streets.

Works include:

  • wider footpaths to create a more pedestrian-friendly street
  • more street trees and garden beds 
  • new lighting and street furniture
  • placing overhead power lines underground.

We will also be making changes to traffic movement, including:

  • One-way northbound in Shepherd Lane between Abercrombie and Lander streets.
  • One-way northbound in Ivy Street between Abercrombie and Lander streets.
  • No right turn from Abercrombie Street into Ivy Street (southbound).
  • Shared zones for Shepherd Lane between Abercrombie and Lander streets, and Abercrombie Street and Wilson Lane.

We expect the works to be finished in March 2015.


Anton Leddin
Project Manager
02 9265 9333

Jacqueline Ong
Design Manager
02 9265 9333

Last updated: Friday, 5 September 2014