Buses and cycleways

Buses and cycleways

New city centre bus network

On 4 October, a redesigned bus network was implemented by Transport for NSW in the city centre. It is a key part of an integrated transport plan to meet the needs of Sydney’s growing population.

Buses that used to run on George Street have been re-routed. Buses in the city centre now operate mainly along new priority routes on Elizabeth, Castlereagh, Park, Druitt, Clarence and York streets.

Some buses now terminate outside or at the edge of the city centre, adjacent to other public transport options. Passengers on these services now need to complete their journey by rail, ferry, an alternative bus or walking.

George Street closures continue

Additionally, private and commercial drivers are being asked to re-route around the city centre as well as reduce peak hour trips and re-time when travelling to, through and from the city.

George Street closed on 23 October 2015 to general traffic between King and Market streets. George Street blocks continue to progressively close as light rail works continue this year. All east-west crossings through the city will be maintained throughout construction, and pedestrian access will always be maintained.

When light rail is completed, George Street between Hunter and Bathurst streets will be permanently pedestrianised.

Plan your bus trip in advance

Use the bus tool to find out how your bus is changed.

Use the trip planner to plan your journey.

For updates while you're on the go download a real time transport app.

You can follow Transport Info Twitter accounts for bus service updates in your area:

  • @BusesNorthWest
  • @BusesNorth
  • @BusesWest
  • @BusesInnerWest;
  • @BusesEast
  • @BusesSouth
  • @BusesSouthWest.

You can also call Transport for NSW on 131 500 or TTY 1800 637 500 for more information.

Better transport integration

The NSW Government's City Centre Access Strategy aims to better integrate all transport modes, and put the right transport modes in the best places.

Along with light rail, the strategy recognises the need to improve city bus routes, and provide new, safe and connected cycleways in the city centre. Buses have moved off George Street to make way for light rail, and corridors improved to better integrate with other transport modes.

Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) publicly exhibited the City Centre Bus Infrastructure Review of Environmental Factors (REF) from 23 June to 25 July 2014. It details the bus routes changes in the city centre.

Community consultation for 3 new cycleways on Castlereagh, Liverpool and Park streets also occurred during 2014.

Construction for both projects is being done by the CBD Alliance (RMS and Lend Lease).

Current works

You can view the RMS interactive map showing where current works are taking place.

More information on the new bus infrastructure and new cycleways in the city centre is available on the RMS website. The infrastructure is part of the NSW Government's strategy to support light rail and to deliver a completely integrated transport network.


All enquiries should be directed to the the RMS 24-hour community information line:

1800 822 486


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Last updated: Wednesday, 3 August 2016