Light rail

Light rail

Contract awarded

The NSW Government has announced the contract for the CBD and South East Light Rail has been awarded. The project is now expected to be completed 1 year ahead of the original schedule, which will provide better services and increased capacity.

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Light rail gets the green light

The Minister for Planning and Environment has approved the CBD and South East Light Rail project. You can view project assessment reports at the NSW Planning and Environment's website.

Approval for the $2.1 billion extension to Sydney’s light rail network has been welcomed by the City of Sydney. The major infrastructure project is being delivered by the NSW Government. The City of Sydney is contributing $220 million towards the light rail project, including funding the transformation of George Street and the improvement of surrounding laneways.

Last year the City also signed an agreement with Transport for NSW setting out the high standards the new light rail project will have to meet throughout the local government area. The agreement sets out a range of binding conditions, including high design standards for paving, lighting, trees, smartpoles, street furniture and light rail stops and a new park on the Olivia Gardens site. 

The new CBD and South East Light Rail will travel from Circular Quay along George Street to Central Station and on to Moore Park, then to Kingsford via Anzac Parade and Randwick via Alison Road and High Street. The NSW Government expects light rail to be operating in 2019. 

Upcoming works

Stay up-to-date on NSW Government's works for Sydney Light Rail. Some early works are currently underway in a number of locations. Major construction is to expected to start on George Street in September or October 2015.

Community forums

Transport for NSW has set up 3 local forums along the light rail route to keep the community up to date and informed about the project.

The community forums cover Randwick, Kingsford and Kensington; Surry Hills and Moore Park; and the city centre.


Transport for NSW light rail team:
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Last updated: Wednesday, 29 April 2015