Planning for Green Square town centre

The plans for the Green Square town centre are the results of years of understanding the site complexities, technical investigations on things such as traffic, transport, stormwater and urban design, and community consultation.

The City of Sydney has worked to ensure planning controls will guide development that will be innovative and sustainable, create an exciting and connected place to live, work, socialise, learn and shop locally.

If you are a developer or interested in the town centre planning controls, this page features all the relevant links and documents.

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Updated controls

The current controls for the Green Square town centre site are:

A map of the town centre explains the current planning controls, which is available for download below.

Draft planning proposal

The City previously exhibited draft plans for the Green Square Town Centre and Library, which also seek to amend the Green Square Town Centre Development Control Plan 2012 and the Sydney Local Environmental Plan (Green Square Town Centre) 2013.

Other key documents

The Green Square Town Centre Infrastructure Strategy, available for download below, is a guide for private developers that ensures infrastructure will be provided to support higher density development. The strategy identifies the infrastructure requirements, costs and development sites contributions, which are indexed quarterly in accordance with the Consumer Price Index (All Groups Sydney).

Our public domain plan covers the town centre and the broader Green Square area that sets a vision for a coordinated approach to the public domain, which fosters a sense of place, respects local heritage and creates accesssibility and sustainability. It offers practical guidelines on street typologies, integrated transport and access, pedestrian and cycle amenities, public art, sustainable design, planting, lighting, green infrastructure and materials, and public domain furniture. It is supported by the Green Square public art strategy which proposes permanent and temporary public art projects that link public domain areas with future developments.

The South Sydney Hospital site master plan shows the future uses of this important site on Joynton Avenue, Zetland. The plan includes boundaries, heritage items, the facilities to be built and the design principles for the site.


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