Waterfront row

The large-scale urban development of Barangaroo is supervised by the state government. Formerly known as Darling Harbour east, the site is located along the harbour between King Street Wharf and Walsh Bay.

Open public space and new water areas will cover 50% of the 22 hectare site. Residential, retail and commercial buildings will eventually cater for up to 23,000 workers and 2,000 residents.

Plans for the area include a high-rise hotel, the location of which is being reviewed by Lend Lease – the developer for Barangaroo South precinct.

Planning review

The Department of Planning considers all planning applications under the authority of the NSW Planning Minister. Under state law, the minister is responsible for approving all major development projects.

The City of Sydney's role is to provide advice to the department, address essential infrastructure matters with relevant groups such as the Barangaroo Delivery Authority and Transport for NSW and to make submissions in relation to planning applications.

The City supports the redevelopment of this important site within central Sydney however we have lobbied the state government about our concerns around some aspects of this project. Some of the City’s proposed changes include:

  • moving the proposed hotel further back on land and within the original site boundaries
  • affordable housing for at least 10% of residences
  • no further gross floor area increases of proposed buildings
  • building designs that increase winter sunlight and reduce wind tunnel effects
  • better public parks, wider streets and improved public access
  • building height adjustments to reduce overshadowing to the south of the site.

The next stage

An independent review into Barangaroo’s compliance with relevant planning processes was announced by the Planning Minister in June 2011, which accepted public submissions as part of the evaluation. The review was chaired by strategic design experts, Meredith Sussex and Shelley Penn.

Further detailed reviews have been conducted regarding the commercial tower designs, the remediation process and the development of an integrated transport plan for Barangaroo, following the release of the independent evaluation report in August 2011.

The first towers that are being developed by Lend Lease in Barangaroo South are currently under construction and are expected to be open with Headland Park in July 2015.

The master planner for Barangaroo Central was announced in January 2013. Planning and design work is to start later in 2013.

Barangaroo precincts

Barangaroo South

A hub for the financial services sector this major new extension of the city centre will also include apartments, a major hotel, shops, cafes, restaurants and cultural venues. A pedestrian link will connect Barangaroo South with public transport at Wynyard and the city centre.

Significant sustainability standards, such as efficient energy use have been set for 300,000 square metres of dedicated office space within the precinct.

Barangaroo Central

Commercial spaces are expected to sit alongside public facilities like parks and public spaces in the last part of the Barangaroo development that is still being defined. Community spaces could include areas for festivals, entertainment and arts and culture.

The development brief for Barangaroo Central is evolving to take into account its surrounding areas – including the overall development of the Barangaroo site.

Headland Park

The foreshore park at the northern end of Barangaroo where the site meets Millers Point will cover 6 hectares of sprawling space open to the public. Headland Park will become a new destination for locals and visitors to enjoy a slice of Sydney Harbour.

Tidal rock pools will be carved out of sandstone from the site with bush walks, grass areas and cycling paths meandering through the park.

A new cultural venue will also be built with a floor area of between 10,000 to 20,000 square metres. The venue will include an underground car park with 300 spaces.


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Last updated: Friday, 7 February 2014