Major redevelopment site

The $8 billion Green Square project is transforming the southern precinct of our local area into a vibrant and sustainable urban environment.

From its industrial past, Green Square is emerging as a place of innovative housing design, bespoke business and retail, and creative and engaged communities proud of their area’s past and future.

Green Square is set to become a true exemplar of green living with developments linked to recycled water, people linked to shops, parks, gardens and entertainment with bike and walking routes, and public transport.

At the heart of the Green Square development is the new town centre, a major new residential, retail and cultural hub.


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The City has committed $440 million over the next 10 years to deliver quality infrastructure and community facilities such as the new library, plaza, and aquatic centre as well as parks, public art and community creative hub.

Planning and development

The City’s role in Green Square is to ensure planning controls for the new town centre and nearby precincts allow for growth and development that is sustainable, innovative and respects the character of existing neighbourhoods.


Green Square is one of the fastest growing areas in the City's local area – new families are moving in every day, while residents in long-established suburbs like Rosebery have lived there for many generations. This diverse community needs opportunities to create and build connections while exploring their interests.

Fast facts

  • The Green Square development area is 278 hectares.
  • It includes the suburbs of Beaconsfield and Zetland, and parts of Rosebery, Alexandria and Waterloo.
  • It is just 3.5km from the city centre and 4km from the airport.
  • With nearly 10,000 apartments due for completion over the next 4 years, Green Square’s population could increase by 19,000 by 2019.
  • When fully completed after 2030, Green Square’s total population may reach 53,000, although long range forecasts vary with changes to the property market, the economy and other factors.
  • The new town centre will be built next to the Green Square train station, bordered by Bourke Street to the north and Joynton Avenue to the south.

The map highlights the Green Square development area and the facilities to be built.


Last updated: Monday, 14 September 2015