Epsom Park Precinct

Epsom Park Precinct

A changing area

The City has identified the Epsom Park Precinct as an area of likely change. It is located in Zetland, within the Green Square urban renewal area and its surrounding land uses to the north, west and south are already in transition from mainly light industrial areas to high density residential and associated mixed uses.

We have undertaken a master planning exercise to develop future planning controls for the precinct that address:

  • stormwater management
  • land ownership and development stages
  • location and design of new roads and open public spaces
  • built form massing and location.

Planning controls subsequent to the exercise have been incorporated into the Sydney Local Environmental Plan 2012.

The City's vision

Epsom Park is south of the Victoria Park development bounded by Epsom Road, South Dowling Street to the east and Joynton Avenue to the west. The City is a significant landowner of 3 adjacent lots with frontage on Joynton Avenue and Epsom Road. The predominant land use is currently light industrial, including utility depots, warehousing and car showrooms.

The neighbourhood will be community focussed capitalising on the surrounding infrastructure and services in the Green Square town centre, to provide a discreet, connected and sustainable urban lifestyle for a diverse community within a variety of building types.

It will have a high level of permeability, connectivity and priority for pedestrian and cyclists. The neighbourhood will be characterised by quality urban design, a central park and recreation centre to provide active and passive recreation opportunities.

Making a splash

A new aquatic centre and multi-purpose sports field will be built in the precinct on Joynton Avenue opposite the South Sydney Hospital site. There will be a 50-metre pool, a 25-metre pool, a hydrotherapy pool and a waterplay area.

The centre will include a rehab gym, underground parking, café and a crèche.

New streets and parks

A key focal point of the precinct will be a 15,500sqm park next to the aquatic centre. 'Gunyama Park' will include a children’s playground, circuit training and a multi-purpose synthetic playing field.

Zetland Avenue will be the precinct's premier street at 36 metres wide linking to the Green Square town centre. It will be of a grand architectural scale providing ample space for pedestrians, cyclists, future light rail and local traffic.

Building types are to accommodate proposed mixed uses with a strong residential component. A café strip will face northwards towards Epsom Park with commercial offices and retail activity encouraged along Epsom and Link Roads.

It is envisaged the development will occur gradually with a transition to residential and mixed uses. The urban structure allows for each landowner to develop independently of their neighbour.

Draft amendment to planning controls

The City of Sydney is amending the planning controls for the Epsom Park precinct in Zetland and 75–77 Kellick Street, Waterloo. The changes include amendments to both the Sydney Local Environmental Plan (LEP) 2012 and Sydney Development Control Plan (DCP) 2012. The proposed amendments were on public exhibition until 7 May 2014. 

We considered the submissions received and reported the outcomes to Council and the Central Sydney Planning Committee in August 2014, which approved the proposed amendments. You can download the officer's report and supporting documents

Council is authorised to exercise the functions of the Minister for Planning to amend the LEP. Once the LEP is amended it will be in force when it is published on the NSW Legislation website. The DCP amendment will also come into force at that time.

Green Square Aquatic Centre and Gunyama Park, Epsom Park

The City is planning an aquatic centre, sports field and park for the council-owned property at 132–138 and 140 Joynton Avenue, in the Epsom Park precinct, Zetland. These facilities are expected to open to the public in 2019. Part of Gunyama Park will be located on adjacent property.

The City proposes to rezone this area from ‘SP2 infrastructure’ to ‘B4 mixed use’ to enable these facilities and associated uses. We are also proposing to reduce the building height limit to reflect the height of the new facilities.

Other changes to Epsom Park planning controls

To address the risk of flooding in Epsom Park and the wider area, Sydney Water is designing a new drainage system. The drainage easement will be realigned and cannot be built over. As such, we are proposing to change the current planning controls that define the street layout and buildings in this area.

We are also proposing to rezone the Council-owned depot site at 94–104 Epsom Road from ‘SP2 infrastructure’ to ‘B4 mixed use’ to reflect the zoning of neighbouring land and allow for future development.


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Last updated: Thursday, 25 September 2014