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Lachlan Precinct

In Waterloo

The Lachlan Precinct, in the suburb of Waterloo, is bounded by Lachlan Street, Bourke Street, O’Dea Avenue and South Dowling Street.

 An aerial view of Lachlan precinct in Green Square.

The City of Sydney with consultants HASSELL undertook a detailed urban design study for the precinct to examine the location and hierarchy of streets, provision of open space, flood mitigation and built form.

The precinct will transition from industrial and warehouse uses to a mixed use residential neighbourhood with high quality built form and public domain. A number of new streets are required to break up the existing industrial parcels and achieve connectivity within and surrounding the precinct. The study emphasises the extension of Gadigal Avenue through the precinct as a vibrant corridor with a mix of uses. Archibald Avenue is promoted as the main street for retail and café activity. Three public open spaces will become further community nodes, providing opportunities for both passive and active recreation. Built form will define the public domain, creating lower height local streets, taller primary streets and a pedestrian scale throughout.

Developing new controls

Following testing and refinement by City staff, the recommendations from HASSELL’s study have been translated into detailed planning controls.

These controls amend South Sydney Development Control Plan 1997: Urban Design – Part G: Special Precinct No.9: Green Square (the Green Square DCP).

The Lachlan Precinct amendment will facilitate delivery of approximately 3,500 new dwellings and over 11,000sqm of public open space. It will also secure new stormwater management infrastructure, a new street network and pedestrian and cycle links to wider networks.

The Lachlan Precinct DCP Amendment contains detailed built form and public domain controls for the precinct and supports the primary planning controls set in the parent legal instrument, South Sydney Local Environmental Plan 1998. It came into effect in April 2013.

A site-specific DCP amendment has also been adopted for a key site in the precinct: the ‘Wulaba Park’ site. This site consists of four landholdings: 54A O’Dea Avenue; 56-60 O’Dea Avenue; 879B South Dowling Street; and 881-891 South Dowling Street, Waterloo.

The Wulaba Park Site DCP Amendment contains detailed built form and public domain controls specific to the site, facilitating a further 500 dwellings and 4,000sqm of public open space that will also act as a detention basin. It came into effect in August 2012.


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Specialist Planner
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Last updated: Friday, 7 February 2014