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2013 Live Music and Performance Action Plan

Exhibition period closed

In early 2013 the City of Sydney assembled a taskforce of 11 experts from across the music and performance sector to investigate why live music and performance in Sydney has been under increasing pressure, and to:

  • inform the City of the best ways to support the live music and performance industry
  • develop an action plan to address barriers for live music and performance providers
  • propose solutions to support the sustainability and vibrancy of the industry
  • present the draft live music and live performance action plan to Council.

The 'Live Music Matters' action plan is the taskforce's plan for the future of live music and performance in Sydney.

The taskforce's recommendations include:

  • opening new rehearsal and performance spaces
  • identifying and protecting areas where performance thrives already in Sydney
  • facilitating mediation between live music venues and their neighbours
  • providing financial help to new venues and performers
  • advocating for improved building standards and soundproofing.

The documents from the exhibition are available for informational purposes.

Exhibition details

The exhibition period closed at 5pm on Friday 17 January 2014.

Submissions closed at the end of the exhibition period.


For more information about this exhibition, please contact:

Cam MacKellar
Community Engagement Coordinator02 9265 9333


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