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Waste management

Waste management

New ways to manage waste

Waste collection used to work like this: homes and businesses placed their containers full of rubbish on the kerb and a horse and buggy came to collect it. Modern trucks have replaced the horse and buggy, but the process for collecting waste is much the same.

To cut down on the noise, stench and traffic congestion associated with the current process, the City of Sydney is working on new waste systems for new buildings and high traffic areas.

Advanced waste treatment

The City already relies on advanced treatment of household garbage to extract every bit of recycling it can, recovering two thirds of waste generated. The City is now reviewing new technologies that can do even better.

Converting non-recyclable waste to energy to help power the local area is a major goal. Over 90% of the local area’s household garbage could be sent for treatment and turned into gas to help provide renewable energy. This renewable energy could be used to power the City's trigeneration network.

Last updated: Friday, 7 June 2013