Architecture and design

Architecture and design

Sydney Design Advisory Panel

An independent panel of experts help the City of Sydney to continually improve the quality of private development and our own urban design and public projects. Members of the panel are:

  • Professor Ken Maher (panel chair), Chairman, Hassell Pty Ltd
  • Maria Atkinson, Head Global Sustainability Lend Lease, former CEO Green Building Council
  • Professor Kerry Clare, Director Clare Design
  • Professor Richard Johnson, Johnson Pilton and Walker Pty Ltd
  • Elizabeth-Ann Macgregor, Director MCA
  • Peter Mould, Former NSW Government Architect
  • Peter Poulet, NSW Government Architect, General Manager
  • Professor James Weirick, UNSW Faculty of the Built Environment

The Sydney Design Advisory Panel was first appointed for a 2-year term in April 2007.

In 2011, Council re-appointed the panel for a further 2 years.

The panel members support the City's commitment to design excellence.

It meets regularly and the panel is guided by terms of reference approved by Council.

Since it was established, the panel has assessed more than 80 private sector buildings and 50 City of Sydney projects.

Last updated: Monday, 26 May 2014