Public domain improvements

Public domain improvements

Bringing life and vitality into our public spaces

In support of the Sustainable Sydney 2030 vision for city spaces that are connected, safe and attractive, there are a number of strategies and plans that guide public domain improvements within the local area to bring life and vitality into our public spaces.

Public domain improvement works are guided by 3 types of City of Sydney documents:

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Strategies and plans

These documents help guide the planning and design process across the City. They can be downloaded at the end of this page.

Transforming Sydney, City Centre Public Domain Plan: the innovative and transformative ideas from Sustainable Sydney 2030 will progressively make changes to city life. This plan is currently being developed to set the strategy and programming behind city centre transformations.

Liveable Green Network 2011: The Liveable Green network strategy and master plan report develops and refines Sustainable Sydney 2030 project ideas through background research and case studies, undertaking reviews of previous cycle and pedestrian network planning studies and route assessments to identify network gaps and amenity opportunities.

Greening Sydney Plan 2012: focuses on opportunities to increase canopy cover, landscape amenity and biodiversity within the local area. These opportunities will be delivered in public and privately owned land and seek to empower the community to help deliver greening programs.

Cycle Strategy and Action Plan 2007 - 2017: the strategy and action plan is our commitment to making cycling an equal first choice transport option along with a balance of walking and public transport use. The strategy aims to provide the infrastructure to ensure a safer and more comfortable cycling environment and include social initiatives to encourage more people to cycle.

Street Tree Master Plan 2011: trees are an important part of our city’s public domain. The master plan is part of our suite of documents used to proactively manage its tree resources. The plan is intended to guide future street tree planting.

City Art Public Art Strategy: as the most visible and accessible art form, public art plays an important role in contributing to the poetic dimension of the city. Our commitment to a vibrant public art program is outlined in the this strategy, which forms the framework for the creation of public art in the city.

Wayfinding Strategy 2012: enables the delivery of clear and consistent information to encourage people to walk more, and to ensure that visitors can confidently find their way around the city. Communication includes signage, clear mapping graphics, websites, digital technology and marketing materials.

Place specific plans

Several public domain strategies have been prepared for place specific developments within the local area.

City North Public Domain 

Council adopted the City North Public Domain Plan in December 2015. The plan outlines ideas for improving streets and open spaces in the part of central Sydney north of King Street and east of George Street, including a master plan for Martin Place.

The plan forms part of the overall City Centre Public Domain Plan and can be used as a guideline for major infrastructure, transport or development projects and future capital works programming. You can download the amended plan under item 4, attachments A1-A6 on this page.

Harbour Village North

The Harbour Village North plan recognises and celebrates the strengths of this unique historic precinct and proposes staged public domain improvements.

The strategy identifies 6 guiding directions for long term improvements to strengthen the existing character as a special destination.


This distinctive area within our city offers a vibrant culture that is characterised by eating and shopping. The Chinatown Public Domain Strategy 2012 aims to guide the improvement of the area through 4 key directions.

Green Square

The Green Square Town Centre Public Domain Strategy 2013 translates the vision, goals and targets identified in Sustainable Sydney 2030 and supporting urban renewal policies into a guiding blueprint for the area's public spaces and local streets.

George Street

The 2012 concept design for George Street aims to transform the street into a vibrant, world class public space featuring light rail, more trees and more space for people. The plan sets design objectives and offers a public domain palette setting it apart as a distinctive place in Sydney.

Gehl Architects' Studies

Gehl Architects has been commissioned to undertake various studies within the city.

One of the studies is Public Spaces, Public Life Sydney 2007. The study analysed public life and space to help create quality urban environments. The report provides a blueprint to transform our city centre into a welcoming, public transport-orientated, green, connected, and distinctive place.


City ArtCycle strategy and action plan

Environmental Action 2016–2021 strategy and action plan

We are seeking your feedback on the City’s draft Environmental Action 2016–2021 strategy and action plan.

The strategy and action plan explains how we aim to improve our operational and local area environmental performance from 2016 to 2021.

The exhibition is open from 30 June to 12 August 2016.

Sydney Your Say  

Please note: Our Greening Sydney plan is a supporting document to the draft Environmental Action 2016–2021 strategy and action plan, which is the City's most up to date set of environmental targets and actions.

Last updated: Thursday, 30 June 2016