Kings Cross management

Kings Cross management

Licensed venues – operating hours signage

From Friday 6 December 2013 all licensed premises in the Kings Cross precinct must display a notice to inform patrons and the local community about its authorised hours of operation. The sign, which is approved by the Director-General of the Office of Liquor Gaming and Racing, contains information relating to:

  • the times when liquor is sold or supplied on the premises
  • any other times when the premises is authorised to be open for business, such as development consent hours.

The signs must be displayed at or near each entrance to the venue to ensure it is easily visible to any person entering the premises.

An approved sign was developed by the City of Sydney, which has been distributed free of charge to each venue within the Kings Cross precinct.

If you are a licensed premises operator in Kings Cross and you have not received the required signs for display, you can download copies to be completed below.

Making nights out safer

The City of Sydney has been working with the State Government to develop the Kings Cross plan of management (see Links) to improve:

  • transport options late at night
  • licensing and to address the saturation of licensed venues in the area
  • the look and feel of public spaces.

Our aim is to make nights out safer and more enjoyable for all, and to deliver better outcomes for local residents and businesses.

We are committed to working with the State Government and other agencies to reduce alcohol and drug-related issues in the Kings Cross area.

City of Sydney actions to date

  • 6 new street safety cameras were installed and 3 street safety cameras were upgraded in August 2012. These cameras are monitored 24 hours a day with the ability to provide live video feeds to Kings Cross police station.
  • The entire Kings Cross area has been made an alcohol-free zone, prohibiting drinking on the street and in public spaces.
  • A compliance and enforcement 'hot team' made up of licensed premises coordinators and City rangers attended more than 300 licensed venues and issued 42 warnings and/or infringement notices over summer.
  • The visitor information kiosk in Springfield Plaza has extended hours on Friday and Saturday nights until 11pm.
  • Our precinct ambassadors provided 8,500 incidences of service on Friday and Saturday nights during summer including information and guidance to precinct visitors.
  • Temporary toilets installed at Springfield Plaza during summer kept more than 1,450 litres of urine off the streets.
  • We worked with Transport for NSW to install new transport way-finding plinths to help people find late night transport options.
  • Variable message signs were in 2 locations on Friday and Saturday nights during summer advising people where to find public toilets, and information about last train departure times, late-night bus stops and taxi ranks.

Separately, the NSW Government has started to evaluate applications for new licensed premises with a new tool that includes considering the impact of existing licensed premises across a specific area.

A 12-month trial of the Environmental and Venue Assessment Tool (EVAT) began in early 2013.

Summer months

We know that summer can be a busier time in Kings Cross with more visitors coming to the area.

Looking forward to summer 2013/14, City staff will be working closely with the state government to deliver a package of measures in Kings Cross to ensure the effective management of the precinct during the busier summer period.

Further information about these initiatives, under the City's Kings Cross Precinct Management Plan, is available for download below.

More night-time options

The City's night-time economy strategy aims to develop more diverse night-time activities that do not involve alcohol to create a safer and more balanced night-time economy, which include:

  • increased opportunities for cultural attractions such as public art
  • new LED lighting to brighten up public spaces
  • activating hidden corners to make them feel safer and more welcoming.

Our strategies also aim to increase responsible management of late night trading premises, including patron limits, security guard requirements and appropriate trading hours. The City employs specialist licensed premises compliance officers to work with venues to ensure they operate responsibly.

Taxi rank improvements

More than 450 taxis pass through the Bayswater Road taxi rank between 9pm and 6am on Saturday nights with queues up to 50 metres long as people try to get home late at night, making it among Sydney's busiest.

The City will improve safety at the taxi rank for people trying to get home as well as making taxi drivers feel more secure about picking up passengers by installing:

  • a street safety camera overlooking the taxi rank
  • brighter, environmentally friendly lighting along Bayswater Road
  • an illuminated sign to make the taxi rank easier to find at night.

The upgrade is being funded from a $200,000 grant from the Federal Government under its Safer Suburbs Program. The grant was made possible after the City consulted with Roads and Maritime Services, NSW Police, the NSW Taxi Council and the Kings Cross Liquor Accord. The project builds on recent work undertaken by the City and Transport for NSW that included bollards with chain links to stop people cutting into the queue and pre-paid taxi fares.


NSW government: Kings Cross management plan

Last updated: Friday, 20 December 2013