Environmental leadership

An important part of our Sustainable Sydney 2030 vision is a commitment to environmental leadership.

The City of Sydney’s work towards a sustainable future includes protecting local biodiversity, boosting the environmental performance of our buildings and smarter management of resources and waste to ensure we leave a healthy city for future generations.

As we share the local area with many different types of species, we are helping protect biodiversity with the introduction of our action plan, which sets out the framework to support our neighbours: the flora and fauna that also call Sydney home.

Our Greening Sydney plan includes focusing on planting trees and helping them grow as they clean the air, offer some shade and beautify local streets and public places. We are planting raingardens as they can help collect and filter stormwater and we also encourage local community participation to help green our city.

Projects such as installing LED lighting will help boost our sustainable performance and paving footpaths with pale materials will help reduce local temperatures.

We also have plans to create energy from waste thanks to highly advanced technologies, with nearly no leftover waste being added to landfill, and hundreds of these waste treatment systems are in use around the world.

Last updated: Friday, 11 July 2014