Fast facts: Energy efficiency

Powering our city efficiently

We’re creating a smarter, more sustainable city.

Energy efficiency improves economic productivity.

We’re working to cut carbon emissions which will result in a leading, more efficient and resilient city.

We’re already taking action

Energy efficiency master plan

There are multiple benefits of energy efficiency, however intervention is required to achieve the full potential.

Our plan identifies 11 enabling actions.

  1. Safeguard energy and emissions savings by maintaining core existing programs.
  2. Improve compliance of building standards and codes.
  3. Increase minimum performance expectations.
  4. Show by doing, through best practice for City-owned buildings.
  5. Education, training and capacity.
  6. Create a building tune-up program.
  7. A building retrofit program.
  8. Access to finance and incentives for improved energy efficiency.
  9. Develop new ratings and disclosures.
  10. Sector benchmarking, targets and monitoring.
  11. Improve equity by advocating on behalf of low income households.

Together we can do more 

Encourage energy users, the people who use a building or have control over how the building operates, to alter their behaviour in relation to energy consumption.

Top energy uses are air-conditioning, lighting and equipment.

Over three quarters of total energy is consumed across these 5 sectors: 

  1. non-premium office buildings
  2. A-grade office buildings
  3. apartments
  4. accommodation
  5. car parks.

Our 2030 targets

Save 31% of energy across the entire City of Sydney building stock (based on 2006 levels).

Reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 42% (based on 2006 levels). That’s equal to saving almost 2 million tonnes CO2.

33% reduction in total local area emissions, against 2006 levels by 2030.

Double energy productivity = double GDP for each energy unit used (based on 2010 levels) = resulting in a net saving to society of $208 million. 

The savings in energy will be greater than the cost to achieve these targets. 

To achieve this vision the City has developed a suite of Green Infrastructure strategies:

Last updated: Monday, 27 November 2017