City Centre Access Strategy

City Centre Access Strategy

Transport plan

The NSW Government's Sydney City Centre Access Strategy has been welcomed by the City of Sydney.

The plan has been designed to improve all transport modes within the city centre and the experience of residents, workers and visitors who between them currently make over 1 million trips daily to, from and within the city.

It balances competing demands for limited road space and delivers better public transport options while reducing congestion and wasted time spent sitting in cars for those with no option other than to drive.

The City is particularly supportive of plans to introduce 40km/h speed limits to improve safety and the confirmation of a route for a connected bicycle network in the city centre.

Cycleways built along Castlereagh Street, Pitt Street and King Street would depend on light rail construction on George Street to minimise disruption.

The City will work closely with the state government to jointly deliver the bus lanes, bus stops, taxi lanes and changes to parking required to implement the strategy and ensure these are coordinated with other planned works.

Visit the NSW Government's site for more information.

Last updated: Thursday, 18 September 2014