Cycle network

Cycle network

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Use our map or request a printed Sydney cycling map to plan your route along low traffic streets, cycleways and shared paths.
Sydney Cycleways

Sydney is riding

More and more Sydneysiders are turning to 2 wheels to commute to work, stay fit, reduce travelling times or just for fun.

The City of Sydney is building a 200km network – of which about 55km will be separated cycleways – and is now concentrating on building or upgrading 10 priority regional routes.

We have created 10km of separated cycleways, 60km of shared paths and 40km of other infrastructure – that’s 110km of the 200km City network already complete.

Where separated paths have been introduced the number of bike trips have doubled and trebled in some places. Overall the number of bike trips has doubled in the past 3 years. Commuter periods are peak cycling times, proving that it is being used as a viable get-to-work transport option.

The City is also behind a series of bike-riding and bike-maintenance courses to ensure locals are armed with everything they need to be self-sufficient cyclists.

Major cycling festivals and events are also supported, including National Ride2Work Day, Bicycle NSW's Spring Cycle and the Sydney Bike Film Festival.

Just some of the benefits of an improved cycling network in the local area include:

  • reduced congestion
  • improved health
  • greater liveability
  • a cheaper way for people to get around
  • a safer cycling network.

Sydney Cycleways

Sydney Cycleways is a rich resource for both budding and experienced riders. It features maps of all the cycling paths and networks, road rules and riding advice, as well as information about local events and courses.

Last updated: Thursday, 10 September 2015