Building tune-up program

Building tune-up program

Maximise comfort, reliability and savings

Our building tune-up program supports building owners and facility managers to bring in cost-effective building performance improvements.

This includes:

  • optimising your building management systems
  • introducing an automated building data analytics system
  • improving your maintenance methods
  • energy savings from heating, ventilation and air conditioning, and LED lighting
  • improving water and cooling tower efficiency
  • increasing recycling to reduce waste to landfill.

Eligible buildings include hotels, non-premium commercial office buildings, serviced apartments, backpackers, entertainment venues and tourist attractions.

How it works

  1. We’ll help you develop a building tune-up action plan, identifying next steps and priority actions. We will also connect you with all available government incentives and programs.
  2. You can access specialist hands-on engineering support to optimise building management systems for energy efficiency, among other opportunities.
  3. We can part-subsidise the installation of automated building data analytics systems to help you turn mountains of data into actionable measures.

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Sustainability Engagement Coordinator
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