Business research and data

Business research and data

Visitor experience

Download the village scorecard for your local area. Information includes demographics, customer spend, satisfaction levels and suggestions for improvements.

Village scorecards

Business opportunities and area profiles

The City produces strategic plans for keys industries and undertakes research to help businesses identify possible considerations and opportunities in each area. 

Take a look at the City’s vision for your sector and local area. We include a comprehensive profile of each village economy to provide businesses with information to make decisions to help their business prosper. 

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Business in your local area

Sydney’s local neighbourhoods cover various commercial day and night-time economies that offer customers a diverse range of products and services. From casual eateries, to high-end dining, to retail at all scales, each precinct has a distinct local character.

Business in your sector

Our economic development strategy identifies key industries we're working with to capitalise on existing strengths and how we work with these areas and their cross-sector themes to ensure Sydney's economy continues to grow.

Last updated: Wednesday, 11 March 2020