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Business in your local area

Neighbourhood visitor experience data

Sydney’s local neighbourhoods cover various commercial day and night-time economies that offer customers a diverse range of products and services. From casual eateries, to high-end dining, to retail at all scales, each precinct has a distinct local character. 

The City of Sydney undertook research on visitor experience to help businesses identify possible considerations and opportunities in each area. The objective of the research was to understand: 

  • the types of people who are active in commercial areas across the city over an 18 hour time frame 
  • their main reasons for visiting various locations
  • their behaviour when in the area and how they felt about the experience
  • their indicative spend while in the area
  • how they travelled to and from different locations.

In 2017, nearly 6,000 surveys with international guests, domestic visitors and Sydney residents were carried out in our village centres. For this research study, the 10 village centres were further segmented into 11 areas to identify the different night-time economy profiles in CBD Central, which includes parts of CBD North and CBD South.

The overall findings were summarised by village area and scorecards for each area produced. A scorecard is an easy to read visual summary of the findings, arranged by village centre:

Each scorecard will tell you:

  • the gender, age and household income of people in the area, as well as whether they’re a local or visitor
  • their satisfaction with visiting the area
  • why they visited
  • whom they visited with
  • what they visited for
  • how often they visit
  • how they spent their money
  • how they rate the food, shops, safety, ease of navigation, culture and entertainment in the area
  • how they discovered what to do in the area
  • what they think could make their visit better
  • how they got there and how they were planning to leave. 

Our overall findings were:

  • Sydney’s inner city attracts a wide range of visitors from different locations, ages and social backgrounds
  • what people do in each precinct varies significantly between daytime (9am to 6pm) and night-time (6pm to 12am) – despite this, more than 1 in 5 night-time visitors said they would like to see more shops open
  • 3 in 4 visitors said they use online channels to find out about things to do in Sydney (for example, websites, social media, online searches). 

The full report contains more detail on these findings, as well as information on how the different areas compare to each other. 


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CBD and Harbour

CBD and Harbour is the main commercial centre of Australia drawing thousands of visitors each day with its harbour views, iconic landmarks and major cultural institutions. Aside from being a world-renowned tourist destination, the area is a regional financial hub with a global city status, and the high-rise office buildings are home to a large number of highly-paid white collar workers.

Chinatown and CBD South

The bustling village area of Chinatown and CBD South is one of the most centrally located and accessible in the City of Sydney. The multicultural atmosphere of the area is enhanced by a significant number of overseas-born residents, including significant Chinese, Korean and Indonesian communities. There is also a large student population due to the close proximity of many major educational institutions.

Crown and Baptist Streets

Crown and Baptist Streets village is a diverse inner city community loved by local residents. In the leafy streets historic houses sit side-by-side with new developments, mirroring the diversity of residents, while ample parks and open spaces provide plenty of green space. The village is home to a vibrant retail and dining scene which attracts visitors from across Sydney.

Glebe Point Road

Glebe Point Road village is one of the oldest in the City of Sydney, filled with heritage buildings of charming architecture and links to key historical figures, which combine to reinforce the unique character of the village. The area has a diverse mix of residents with varying income and demographic profiles, including a significant student population due to its location adjacent to several major tertiary institutions.

Green Square and City South

Green Square and City South is a dynamic growth area located in the southern portion of the City of Sydney. This former industrial area is currently undergoing a rapid process of urban renewal, with a number of large scale apartment developments recently completed or under construction. Residents of this village tend to be young, working-age professionals, and there is a significant Asian-born population.

Harris Street

Harris Street village is a harbourfront area in the suburbs of Pyrmont and Ultimo that has evolved significantly from its maritime and working class heritage. Today it is home to a significant residential population as well as a number of major cultural and educational institutions. Former warehouses and woolstores have been converted to apartments and office buildings, and sit side by side with newly developed buildings.

King Street

King Street village in the suburb of Newtown is a unique community and a melting pot of people from different social, cultural and economic backgrounds. The University of Sydney and Royal Prince Alfred Hospital represent major components of the local economy. The village is home to the vibrant and ever evolving King Street shopping and dining precinct and Sydney Park.

Macleay Street and Woolloomooloo

Macleay Street and Woolloomooloo village is one of the most densely populated urban areas in Australia. Diverse architectural styles abound throughout the harbourfront suburbs speaking volumes about its colourful history. A revitalised Macleay Street in Potts Point is now home to some of Sydney’s best cafés and restaurants, while the bright lights of the Kings Cross nightclub precinct continue to draw young revellers from across the city.

Oxford Street

Oxford Street is one of Sydney’s most famous shopping strips, running through the vibrant inner Sydney suburbs of Darlinghurst and Paddington. Oxford Street village area, which surrounds the main street, is as diverse as the main street itself containing world famous retailers, heritage terrace houses, cultural institutions and sprawling parklands.

Redfern Street

Redfern Street is one of Sydney’s most culturally, ethnically and economically diverse communities, heavily influenced by creative and small businesses. The distinct character of the area, which has traditionally been associated with a large Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community and significant number of public housing tenants, is changing rapidly due to a process of urban renewal and reactivation.