Crown and Baptist Streets

Crown and Baptist Streets

Local area profile for business

Crown and Baptist Streets village is a diverse inner city community loved by local residents.

In the leafy streets historic houses sit side-by-side with new developments mirroring the diversity of residents while ample parks and open spaces provide plenty of green space.

The village is home to a vibrant retail and dining scene that attracts visitors from across Sydney.

Office space in converted terraces and warehouses make the village a preferred location for creative industries, which are the largest source of employment.

Public transport connectivity enhances the village’s status as a desirable place to live and work.

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Covering the suburb of Surry Hills as well as parts of Redfern and Moore Park, Crown and Baptist Streets village has a diverse mix of housing types reflecting its inner city location.

Residents are well provided with open space and community facilities, while popular local events such as the Surry Hills Markets provide opportunities for local businesses to engage with the community.

What do residents like about their village?

“I love the mix of small and large businesses. The cafés and the unique shops which make our area so interesting.”

“Tree lined streets and open spaces and parks balance this energy and make it livable as well.”

“I have never lived anywhere with such a strong sense of community.”

“I love the diversity of where I live and the sense of living in a small village where you know your neighbours, the shopkeepers and café owner.”

Source: City of Sydney Resident Consultations


The village is one of the most populous within the City of Sydney, and home to a diverse group of residents.

This diversity contributes to the unique character of the village, and is highly valued by local residents, who enjoy the strong sense of community.

Population (2014)* 22,170
Median Household Income (2011)** $79,257 (5.0% above Metro median)
Average Age (2011)** 39.4 (6.1% above Metro average)

*Estimate based on projections by id Forecast
**Census estimates


The village economy is driven by small businesses with the largest industry grouping being creative industries, who value the area for its smaller more flexible office spaces. Smaller professional services firms are also common while food and beverage, and retail services both have a significant and growing presence befitting the village’s reputation as a retail and dining destination.

Employing Businesses
Employing Businesses 2012 2,097
Top 3 Industries by Number of Employing Businesses Creative Industries (20.0%) Food & Drink (15.0%) Professional & Business Services (14.3%)
Proportion of Employing Businesses with less than 20 Employees 90.8% (LGA average = 84.8%)
Source: Floor Space and Employment Survey, 2012 – City of Sydney


People who work in Crown and Baptist Streets village are a mix of white-collar professionals and service workers with moderate to high incomes. A large proportion also lives within the City of Sydney while many others come from neighbouring council areas.


Workers (2012)


Top 3 Industries by Workforce

Creative Industries (23.6%) Professional & Business Services (17.7%) Food & Drink (10.1%)

Source: Floor Space and Employment Survey, 2012 – City of Sydney

Visitor and customers

Recent research suggests that businesses in Crown and Baptist streets village are quite reliant on local residents. Residents from elsewhere in Sydney also appear to make a reasonable contribution, however visitation by non-Sydney residents appears to be relatively limited.

Customer Place of Residence


Surry Hills






Other Suburbs (Greater Metro Sydney)


Non-Metro NSW






Future Outlook

Looking forward, growth in the resident and worker populations is expected to be relatively subdued as these populations are already well established. However, visitation patterns may be changed dramatically by the introduction of the CBD and South Eastern Light Rail, which is expected to be completed in 2020.

Forecast Average Growth
No. per annum per annum
Residents* 139 0.6%
Workers** 242 0.9%

*Source: id Forecast
**Source: NSW Bureau of Transport Statistics

Your village contacts
City of Sydney
Business Precinct Coordinator
Surry Hills Business Alliance
Chairman: Brian Adams
  • PO Box A133
    Sydney South NSW 1235
Surry Hills Creative Precinct
President: Leigh Harris
  • c/o Urban Village, 483 Riley St,
    Surry Hills NSW 2010


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