Crown and Baptist Streets

In Crown and Baptist Streets village, historic terrace houses sit side-by-side with newly built apartments, housing residents with a diverse range of incomes and backgrounds. This leafy village has a number of public parks and open spaces, and is well served by public transport. A good provision of community facilities and community-focused events are part of the reason why the diverse residents of this village feel such a strong sense of community, and love to call it home.

The village is located in the centre of the City of Sydney local area, and includes parts of the suburbs of Surry Hills, Redfern and Moore Park. It is bounded by Flinders Street and Anzac Parade in the east, the Randwick City Council boundary and Phillip Street in the south and Elizabeth Street in the west. There is the green open space of Moore Park on one side, and the vitality of Haymarket and Darlinghurst on the other sides. Prince Alfred Park, Shannon Reserve and Ward Park also provide residents with green for recreation and relaxation. The Edmund Resch Reserve and pedestrian connection to Moore Park provide an important community focus.

What do residents like about their village?

“I love the mix of small and large businesses. The cafés and the unique shops which make our area so interesting.”

“Tree-lined streets and open spaces and parks balance this energy and make it livable as well.

“I have never lived anywhere with such a strong sense of community.”

“I love the diversity of where I live and the sense of living in a small village where you know your neighbours, the shop keepers and café owner.”

Source: City of Sydney Resident Consultations

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Crown and Baptist Streets village has a diverse housing mix, with historic terrace housing standing side-by-side with modern apartment buildings, and gentrified houses in close proximity to older social housing stock. In Surry Hills, mid to late Victorian and Federation terrace houses share the streetscape with modern infill development that has been added over the past few decades. East Redfern is a lively residential neighbourhood retaining much of its historic architecture while gaining contemporary apartments.

Chart 1 shows the distribution of dwelling types in the village. Typical of an inner-city location, the most common dwelling type within this village is the apartment category, which makes up 69% of all dwellings. This sits below the City of Sydney average but well above the Metro Sydney average. Reflecting the large number of historic terrace houses in the suburbs of Surry Hills and Redfern, semi-detached houses make up 31% of all dwellings in the village, well above the proportion of semi-detached dwellings in the City of Sydney (21%) and across Metro Sydney (13%).

Chart 1 – Dwelling Types

Chart 1 – Dwelling Types  


Crown and Baptist Street serves as the main north-south spine for the village. This was formerly a fast one-way street, but has been converted into a village main street, providing a retail and dining heart for the village with space for cyclists and pedestrians. Elizabeth Street and Bourke Street are also busy north-south corridors, with the recently completed Bourke Street cycleway providing cyclists with a continuous connection between the city centre and Alexandria. To the east of the village Anzac Parade and South Dowling Street are major arterials connecting the city to the south-eastern suburbs. Cleveland Street is the major east-west connection separating Surry Hills and Redfern, and providing a link to Darlington and the inner west.

Figure 1 shows public transport infrastructure in the City of Sydney local area, including barrier counts for train and ferry stations in 2012. Although there are no train stations within the Crown and Baptist Streets village, Central railway station is located on the north-western boundary of the village. Central is Sydney’s most frequented train station, with a daily passenger count of 182,100 in 2012. Aside from this, the village is predominantly serviced by buses that run through the village. Major bus corridors include Bourke, Elizabeth, Cleveland, Albion and Foveaux streets. As shown on the map, the village will also be served in the future by the CBD and South East Light Rail line.

Pedestrian counts on Crown Street conducted in October 2013 counted 7,400 pedestrians on a weekday and 14,900 on a weekend day. By way of context, this compares to equivalent numbers of 121,700 and 62,800 for George Street (corner of Liverpool Street), one of the busiest locations in the city centre.

Figure 1 – Transport Infrastructure & Barrier Counts

Figure 1 – Transport Infrastructure & Barrier Counts


The Crown and Baptist Streets village provides a range of facilities catering for a wide demographic. This village has a high provision of open space and parks, the most significant of which is Moore Park. In addition to this, there are a range of recently upgraded parks scattered across the village including Harmony Park, Ward Park, Frog Hollow Reserve and Shannon Reserve. The village is also bordered to the east by Centennial Park.

Significant community facilities within Crown and Baptist Streets village are shown in Figure 2 and include:

  • Surry Hills Library and Community Centre on Crown Street
  • Ron Williams Community Centre on Kepos Street, Redfern
  • Surry Hills children's program (6 after-school care programs throughout the village)
  • Redfern Oval Community Room.

The City of Sydney Wellbeing (Residents) Survey highlighted the following opinions of residents regarding community facilities in their village:

  • good access to community halls, centres and libraries
  • adequate opportunities to participate in sporting and recreational activities in their local area
  • excellent access to parks/open space, with residents also satisfied with the quality of parks/open space
  • many opportunities to participate in arts and cultural activities in their local area.

Figure 2 – Significant Parks and Community Facilities

Figure 2 – Significant Parks and Community Facilities 


The range of community events held within the Crown and Baptist Streets village reflects the diverse nature of its residents and their strong sense of community. Many of these events present opportunities for local businesses to engage with the community.

Popular events within the village include:

  • Surry Hills Markets: The monthly Surry Hills community markets, held on the first Saturday of every month in Shannon Reserve, have been an integral part of the Surry Hills community since 1981. This trendy ritual is always a popular attraction for locals and visitors alike. Aside from providing an opportunity for local artisans and food businesses to showcase their products, the markets benefit other businesses on Crown Street by bringing increased visitation to the area.
  • Surry Hills Festival: This major annual festival is held on Crown Street and Shannon reserve. In the past this event has attracted as many as 100,000 people, providing significant benefits to many local businesses.
  • Family Village Concert – Surry Hills: A free, family-friendly concert held at Christmas with children’s entertainment, live music and fireworks.



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