Green Square and City South

Green Square and City South

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Green Square and City South is a dynamic growth area located in the southern part of the City of Sydney. This former industrial area is currently undergoing a rapid process of urban renewal, with a number of large scale apartment developments recently completed or under construction. Residents of this village tend to be young, working-age professionals, and there is a significant Asian-born population.

While transport and logistics remains the largest source of employment, the village is seeing rapid growth in service-related businesses, as trendy cafés and boutique retailers spring up to service the growing resident population. This rapidly evolving village presents significant opportunities for businesses of all types, and growth is only expected to continue in the future.

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Green Square and City South is a village undergoing rapid change, as a process of urban regeneration converts former industrial land to high density residential uses. The village has a contrast of new and old buildings, as new apartment blocks rise above existing warehouse spaces.

What do residents like about their village?

“Our neighbourhood is made up of diverse communities. We all support each other and respect their cultures.”

“The history of the area and how we have kept some of it. This is what makes Waterloo and Green Square unique.”

Source: City of Sydney Resident Consultations


The Green Square urban regeneration process has seen a large influx of population into the village in recent years. Residents tend to have high household incomes and larger household sizes than the City of Sydney average. There is a significant Asian-born population in the village, including around a fifth of the population who were born in China.

Population (2018)* 37,473
Median Weekly Household Income (2016)** $2,076
Median Age 30
Born Overseas (2016)** 60.2%

*Estimated Resident Population generated by .id
**2016 ABS Census of Population and Housing


With the urban transformation of the area, Green Square and City South is now home to a large number of population-serving businesses in the Retail and Personal Services and Food and Drink sectors. Transport and Logistics continues to play an important role Green Square and City South given the areas close proximity to Sydney Airport and Port Botany.

Employing Businesses
Employing Businesses (2017) 2,326
Top 3 Industries by Number of Employing Businesses Retail and Personal Services (18.7%) Food and Drink (12.6%) Transport & Logistics (12.4%)
Proportion of Employing Businesses with less than 20 Employees 87.8%

Source: Floor Space and Employment Survey, 2017 – City of Sydney


The largest sector by employment is Transport and Logistics, followed by Retail and Personal Services and Professional and Business Services. Although employment in Transport and Logistics has fallen in recent years, this sector still represents a key source of employment, representing over 4,000 workers in the area.

Workers (2017) 25.776
Top 3 Sectors by Number of Workers Transport & Logistics (15.7%) Retail and Personal Services (14.1%) Professional and Business Services (10.1%)

Source: Floor Space and Employment Survey, 2017 – City of Sydney

Future Outlook

The resident population of Green Square and City South is forecast to grow very rapidly over the next 2 decades at an average rate of 1,700 people per year, or 5.1%. To service this substantial population, a significant amount of new community infrastructure is being planned and under development, most notably the Green Square Town Centre.

Forecast Average Growth
Average annual change
Residents* 4.4%
Workers** 1.7%

*Source: id Population Forecast
**Source: City-based estimates

Your village contacts
City of Sydney
Business Precinct Coordinator
South Sydney Business Chamber
President: Mary Lynne Pidcock


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