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Green Square and City South

While there is limited information available on visitation to Green Square and City South, given the limited supply of visitor accommodation it is likely that it is significantly lower in scale than for other villages.

However, a rapidly growing resident population and a growing range of retail services should see increasing demand for visitation to this village in the future. 

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Visitor accommodation

Table 10 shows the supply of visitor accommodation in Green Square and City South as determined by the City of Sydney's Floor Space and Employment Survey. The current level of supply in the village is evidently quite limited with only 35 hotel rooms and 68 serviced apartments counted in 2012. However, as the resident population of the area and the attendant retail and dining amenities grow it is likely that demand for visitor accommodation will also grow.

Table 10 – Visitor Accommodation, 2012

2007 2012 Change % Change

Hotel Accommodation (Rooms)

31 35 4 12.9%

Serviced Apartments (Units)

68 68 0 0%

Backpacker Accommodation (Beds)

0 0 0 0%

Source: Floor Space and Employment Survey, 2012 – City of Sydney

Contribution of tourists

Whilst reliable data on the number of overnight visitors and their economic contribution is not available for areas as small as Green Square and City South, it is worthwhile considering data available for the wider City of Sydney local area, which gives an idea of the scale of their contribution.

Table 11 shows data from Tourism Research Australia (TRA) on overnight visitors to the City of Sydney in 2013. It shows that interstate visitors have a slightly higher spend per night than intrastate ones ($201 versus $173). While the spend per night for international visitors is significantly lower at $100, their trip duration is much longer, making the overall contribution per trip higher than domestic visitors.

Given the limited supply of visitor accommodation in the area, it can be assumed that Green Square and City South currently receives a small fraction of the visitation to the City of Sydney. However, with a growing resident population, this is bound to change as people from outside Sydney visit friends and relatives living in the area. This is particularly relevant considering the high proportion of Asian-born residents in the area, who may have relatives from overseas come to visit. Again this represents a potential opportunity for accommodation, tourism and retail service providers to capitalise on in the future.

Table 11 – Overnight Visitor Characteristics, City of Sydney, 2013

Visitors (‘000) Visitor Nights (‘000) Average stay (nights) Average nightly expenditure*
Intrastate 1,462 2,758 1.9 $173
Interstate 2,504 6,176 2.5 $201
International 2,030 30,042 14.8 $100

*Estimates for Metropolitan Sydney in 2012/13
Source: Tourism Research Australia

What does this mean for my business?

Current information suggests that the contribution of visitors to the village economy is currently limited. This represents an opportunity for local businesses in the future, as visitor interest in the area increases in line with population growth.


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Last updated: Tuesday, 16 June 2015